Extraordinary and best airports in the world I bet you didn’t know about

You must have traveled by air once in your life at least so you might have noticed the airports of India or whatever country you are living in right now.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the best airports in the world and what makes them different from others. 

They have that extraordinary thing and the government of the country has maintained it quite well. So, let’s begin with the list of the best airport in the world

best airports in the world

Qatar Airport

Hamad International Airport is in Qutar. The airport consumed around $16 billion in building up and covers approximately 5,400 acres of area.

It is considered one of the best airports in the world and it is amongst the expensive and luxurious airport around the globe.

best airports in the world

Changi Airport, Singapore

In 2012, it was named as one of the most beautiful airports in the world. It is famous for its architectural and other beauty.

It has all the luxurious things inside the airport and also have No. 1 brands outlet so that people need not to go outside and shop. Everything is feasible inside the airport.

Cleanliness is the most important thing. You will see dustbin at the distance of every 1 km. 

best airports in the world

Heathrow Airport, London

This airport is considered world’s seventh busiest airport and it is also the main airport for all the British airlines.

This airport is also known for its beauty and the amenities they provide inside the airport. 

best airports in the world

Kansai International Airport, Japan

Located in Japan, obviously the airport will be highly equipped with the best technologies and the airport is the main hub for all the Japanese airlines.

This airport is well known for its architectural and modern technologies with helping staff. 

best airports in the world

Vancouver Airport, USA

This airport is ranked on the top of the airport in North-America. It is well known for its helpful staff and beauty of the airport. 

If you plan any trip in coming months, make sure that you go through one of these airports to see the beauty and other stuffs. 

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