Exotic German villages that you can’t afford to miss

When we think of Germany usually we make up our mind thinking about mesmerizing castles, alpine views and most importantly Oktoberfest. But what if I tell you that Germany is much more than that and there are a lot of scintillating villages that will fill you with joy and happiness. Let’s get started with some must see places in the world

some must see places in the world

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The village is full of bright colored houses and that’s what makes this village prettiest from all others. People of Rothenburg are frank and good with the tourists and you can actually sit with them and enjoy the local culture of the village. The village does have some cottages for guests but they are very few so most of the times people stay at their place.

The village looks surreal and looks so pretty. All the houses are triangle shaped from the top and look so mesmerizing at the time of New Year and Christmas.

some must see places in the world


The village has a small river Kinzig River and the village is made up of half-timbered due to which the village looks beautiful. The houses are lined up together that give a perfect vibes to a tourist.  

some must see places in the world


It is famous for its white thatched cottages along with bushes and hedges. Life up here is slow-paced but people can enjoy cycling and rent a small boat for entire day to roam around.  This village is said to be the most beautiful village in German.

some must see places in the world

Rüdesheim am Rhein

There is no doubt that the Rhine River is most romantic waterways in German and between the Bonn and Rüdesheim shines bright with its hill and vineyards. The village has its own beauty and it’s because of the river as well. The people of this village have vineyards and they consume vine quite a lot and they make it and sell also. This village is perfect if you want to see the German vine culture.

some must see places in the world


Ramsau has a total population of around 1,800 people and the most luring thing here is purling river which runs past the onion-domed church. If you go in winters, with snowfall the entire village looks magical and in summers flower fields makes the village mesmerizing.

The village is quite small and people are here more polite and caring towards each other. You can talk to them and know more about their culture closely by staying with them.

So, these are some must see places in the world and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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