Excuses Your Man Is Making For Not Going To The Therapy

There are so many stigmas still attached with the word ‘therapy’ that most of the people in need fear to attend one. And those who do, instead of breaking the stereotype, try to keep it as secret.

Therapy is not something one should feel ashamed about or worried. Its perfectly normal, just like going to a dentist is. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or are filled with suicidal thoughts, you must consult a therapist. Yes, it is important and helpful. Whether its your personal like, relationships or the profession life, if your are bottling up your feelings, thoughts and emotions, therapy is a perfect opportunity to let everything out.

“I’m Fine”

Having depression or anxiety issues are normal. People with such a busy life nowadays, where everybody is running in order to accomplish something, it’s pretty normal to get some depressing thoughts now and then. It’s all okay.
If you can see your guy facing the same scenario still he insists on being ‘fine’, don’t trust him. Of course, he is not.
Men are often seen hiding their issues, especially when it comes to situations that affect them mentally or emotionally. Yet they act like there’s nothing wrong and they are fine.
Well, don’t listen to any such talks. These are just excuses that your man is making to avoid therapy.

“I will look weak if I go to the therapist”

For God’s sake, it’s the 21st Century. No one is weak if he/ she is going to someone for help. If you go to a mechanic for your help, do you become weak? Or when you go consult an accountant for taxes and your account conditions. Do this make you weak?
Hell NO !! When you get your things done, you become more strong. In the end, its all about completing things and gaining success.
So, make sure to find this crucial behavior and it will convey excuses that your man is making to avoid therapy.
Taking care of yourself is no different. Men who experiencing anxiety or suicidal thoughts often feel they are weak or will be showcased as one if they go to therapists. They become a ‘silent personality’.

man is making to avoid therapy
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“I have work”

Men often shake things off their desk with this simple yet effective statement – “I’m busy” or “I have work to do”.
This is no way true. These are purely excuses that your man is making to avoid therapy. But nothing is important than taking care of your mental health. If he has work which is considered by him more important than, even the health, this is the probably where things are going wrong.
Make him think about his priorities. What is the position of his health and work in those?

“I will spend that much time with my loved ones, not on myself”

When someone is going through a rough phase and don’t know how to mend it, it’s not just him who is bothered by the situation. Everyone who is around him will feel an equal amount of concern and will worry for him. Thus being a healthy person not only makes you happy but every other person who is around you, friends, Family, Kids, Colleagues, everybody.
GIving family your time is important but do you what is equally important? Your health. Taking care of your health is something which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

your man is making to avoid therapy
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“People will make fun of me”

Even though the world is trying its best to remove the toxicity and stigma around therapy, yet there are some small noises which make it difficult for people to openly visit a therapist. If your man is also worried about the same, don’t worry. There is an end number of therapists or therapy sessions online which can be done in utter peace and comfort. Also, the confidentiality factor is quite strict thus there is no way your details will go out of the institution. So your man can just sit back and relax if he is worried about this factor.
He can easily access the session on his phone at any time anywhere. The compactness allows the exchange of text, audios, video messages, etc with a therapist very easily and confidentially. There are several hotlines also available for people who actually work 24/7. So there is nothing to worry about.

Now are there any other excuses your man is making to avoid therapy? I hope not.

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