Easy Hacks To Keep In Mind When You’re Seeing Someone New

Meeting someone new is not as casual and easy as it seems. Your mind may be full or questions. It is very important to set a good first impression, especially when you are expecting the relationship to long last and healthier. How to actually handle the scene when you meet someone new and not instead create an awkward situation is a kinda difficult task to pull.

Suppose you are being invited at a party with many strangers or say interview, you just cannot let your impression go wrong there. Even if you are one of those introverts who love to sneak in a blanket and spend the rest of your life watching Netflix, these hacks will save you from getting into an awkward situation.

So, read these hacks carefully and make sure to use them whenever you meet someone new.

Don’t Stand Silent, Make Them Talk

The first rule of making the environment comfortable while you meet someone new is to make them talk. Ask a lot of questions (don’t be an annoying turd though). And you just listen. People love to talk and that’s how they become comfortable with each other.
This hack will also let the conversation going. When people take out the dopamine in the brain they feel good about it. Use this opportunity to get along with them. give them undivided attention and they’ll surely like your company.

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What Are You Wearing

Clothes play a very major part in the vibes that other people receive from you. Thus what you wear while you are going out to meet someone new is a very crucial aspect to look forward to. If you want to stand out of the crowd just use your clothes for that purpose.
Your appearance is a very important part in setting an impression. Wearing a charming necklace or a charming dress. Also, you can attract people with wearing an unusual shoe or say a hat!! Just keep in mind the dress code and explore it as much as you can. It is also a conversation starter, people might compliment you on it and it can turn into a more healthy talk.

Body Language

If you lost eye contact, you lost everything. That’s right. Maintain eyes contact is very crucial while you in a conversation. Especially when you meet someone new. This way they judge you on your confidence and efficiency.
Not just yours, take care of other’s body language as well. You can try taking a similar posture or how they move their hands while talking, Clone it if possible. Copy their body language (not in a creepy way though). Subtly. This hack is way more useful than you think in social situations.

Don’t Fake Your Conversation

Don’t step back with your feeling and your own self. There is no pointing faking your character as it will someone at some point in time. If you are expecting the relationship or bond to work in a healthy and long way, there is a serious need to show what you actually are.
Speak your heart and show your true colors. Most people fall for true personalities. This “reality” will also help you in connecting to others on a more spiritual level.

meet someone new

Learn The Art Of Listening

Listening and hearing are two different terms. People often get confused with them. Hearing is merely an act of perceiving sound. While you are chatting you are open to end numbers of ambient sound. Thus while hearing you listen to all of them.
Whereas listening is more of an attentive form of hearing. You pay attention to specific sound and process those in your brain. When you meet someone new there are chances that you might get distracted from what they are saying. The action can lead to a sense of detachment, even if you were paying attention to them.
Thus, it is very crucial for you to practice and learn the art of listening other’s word.

Practice Way Of Greeting

Some actions leave a long lasting effect on people. Hugs and handshakes specifically are one of them. If done with precision, they can result in forming a very good first impression for you.
A good handshake is a sign of respect and humbleness. There is a perfect way to do it. A loose hold can show that they are not important to you while a tight handshake can make you look aggressive. Similarly, in hugs, side hugs are fine to practice if the person is new to you.

As the person does not know anything about you, small actions and habits of yours are very crucial. They act in creating either positive or negative impression for you. So you must take care of even small things as they can make your relationship strong and healthy or just end it in one snap.

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