Dogs you should keep for your security!

Dogs are one of the most important and happy part of a human beings. And to be very honest we all should love dogs as they are very loyal and friendly in nature and we also can love them back. The best part about them is that they will you unconditionally and would just want love in return.

They are not only known for their loving and friendly nature but also for the security purpose. Some breeds of the dogs are really smart and people keep them for their security purpose also. So, today we will talk about the dogs you should have for security purpose.

dogs you should have for security
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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois look like German Shepard and many people get mistaken. This breed is way smaller than that of Shepherd and their hair are also bit smaller than German shepherd.  This breed is mainly used for security purpose and not only police but common people can also keep them.

They have very smart brains and at the same time they also very alert and stubborn when it comes to their nature. This breed needs a proper training and if you ever keep this breed you have to train him right from the day 1.

The best part of this dog is that he takes things and grasps them quite well and within a very short span of time. The advantages of having Belgian Milionis are that they have strong protective instincts. They are very suspicious of strangers. The aggression of this breed totally depends up on how well this dog was trained at the time of training. This is also one of the
dogs you should have for security

dogs you should have for security
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Rhodesian ridgeback

This is another dog you should keep for security. Rhodesian ridgeback is one of the most muscular, intelligent and loyal dogs when it comes to showing love and concern for their owner.

They are usually found in Africa. They are ways to protective and loving towards their family members and whenever a stranger comes near them he starts barking so that’s why people keep this breed in order to protect themselves and from other problems.

They are basically have aggression in them and if they are trained properly then they will be no headache for you but if you unable to handle them then they can make your life miserable. These dogs have protective instincts.

This dog is one of the most popular one when it comes to keeping them for security purpose. So, if you are looking for something like this then this is the safest option. Rhodesian ridge back Is really a lovable dog if treated well. This is also one of the dogs you should have for security

dogs you should have for security
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Rottweiler is also muscular and fearless dog that is also good for keeping it for security purpose.  This dog have a natural thing to protect his loved ones from any thing that makes him suspect.

But the disadvantage of this breed is that it will only listen to you if he is properly trained. He would start barking at anyone the moment he will realize that there is a threat to his family. He doesn’t leave them easily.

If his owner is around then only he will stay calm otherwise he will keep on barking at looking at the strangers. If you don’t want this to happen then you have to make him meet and let him socialize with your friends and loved ones.

dogs you should have for security
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German Shepherd

German Shepherd is also one of the most common dogs that people keep for their security or what policeman have. This is from Germany as the name German is understandable. He is very loyal to his owners.

He is also aggressive breed and if not trained properly he can easily get on your nerves. For him training is utmost important part when you raise him right from the beginning and train him like your own child.

This breed will also make you alert if anything unusual happens around you as they have very strong sensing power. If the owner demanded a well trained German Shepherd doesn’t show any aggression towards the house guests. This breed is most commonly found when it comes to security purpose. So, if you are also looking for something like this then Shepherd is just a perfect option for you.

So, these are some of the dogs you should have for security purpose and if you are looking at something like this then you can keep any one of them as they all are good for this thing. Stay tuned for more world related updates!

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