Ditch Your Traditional Engagement Ring For These Unique Styles

Weddings rings are the most important aspect of any marriage. So if you have found the one and are planning to get married soon, it’s time to look for that perfect wedding ring. But not all brides to be are a fan of traditional engagement rings. If you are one of those, we have got you some unique engagement ring which is far better than traditional engagement rings.

unique engagement ring

1. Geometrically Shaped Engagement Ring

Round shape diamonds have been always been the centre spot of the engagement ring from past man decades. But now it’s time to break the monotony by switching the round shape with some geometrical shape. Hexagon, octagon or clustered small stones, the options are endless. So why go for those vintage styles?

unique engagement ring

2. Ever thought of Black Diamond?

Imagine how your wedding ring will look when studded with a black diamond. Just wow! This edgy style is the best alternative over those traditional rings when you like experimenting with things. Black diamond will make you look chic AF!

unique engagement ring

3. Waves of Band

In spite of just going for single banded rings, why not opt for multilayered one? If you are fond of huge rings, then this style is perfect for you. So, opt rings which have 2or 3 simultaneous layers.

unique engagement ring

4. V Shaped Ring

Change that customary circular band with this V-shaped design. Many celebrities have also adopted this style as their wedding ring. It’s time for you to do the same. V-shaped engagement band also gives you a choice to ditch that solo big diamond usual style.

unique engagement ring

5. Colourful Gems

Switching the traditional diamond with different coloured gems is also a good plan when you are looking for some interesting sorts. Various coloured gems, placed unevenly, side by side is a good choice this wedding season.

unique engagement ring

6. 3D Style

3D is a more appealing and unique engagement ring style which is gaining importance eventually. Popping out design gives a more modern touch to the ring and will perfectly suit your personality. So stop thinking and just for it!

unique engagement ring

7. Alphabet Inspired Engagement Ring

Make the first alphabet of your partner’s initials your major attraction of the wedding ring. Or you can choose a letter from your names. This style is quite unique so instead, go for this unique engagement ring.

unique engagement ring

8. Crown Shaped Engagement Ring

Crown shape is usually very much famous among women of all age. It gives more like a queen feel to them. So, mould your engagement ring into crown and ditch the traditional circular style.

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