Different Types of Sandwiches Around the Globe you Must try at Least once in Your Life

If you are also a foodie just like me then you would definitely love eating different kinds of food. Being a foodie is an easy thing as they all look for something different most of the time. You must have had a lot of nice dishes but if I tell you that there are several kinds of sandwich varieties around the globe?

Yes, you heard that right there are a lot of varieties in sandwiches around the world, so whenever you travel the place do eat these sandwiches. You must have gone to places just to eat that special thing which we don’t get normally except that place.  Let’s begin with the list of different kinds of sandwiches

different kinds of sandwiches
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Torta Ahogada

It is very famous in Mexico and meaning of the torta ahogada means drowned sandwich. It is one of the spiciest sandwiches that you will ever have. The main ingredient of this sandwich is birote salado – a slightly salted baguettesque crusty roll.

It is topped with sliced onion and radish and you have to eat it very carefully as it has a lot of stuffing inside and you can end up looking a messy eater. So, make sure if you are visiting Mexico any time soon then do have this sandwich.  

different kinds of sandwiches
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Bánh Mì

It is mainly famous in Vietnam and it is consider a light snack over there which people like to have at the time of evening or at morning after the breakfast. They do not serve only sandwich but also serve some liquid dish with it so that the person would not feel the need of any liquid thing. It is one of the different kinds of sandwiches

It is one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam and they put ingredients like daikon and cilantro, plus a smorgasbord of meat choices.  So, the people of Vietnam eat this lot.

different kinds of sandwiches
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Bocadillo de Tortilla

It is mainly in Spain and one of the most traditional Spanish foods. It is stuffed with potato and omelette inside the tortilla. It is well cooked Spanish dish and people love having this stuffed in a bread roll.

It is the same as Mexican guajalota and Bocadillo de Tortilla will become one of your favourite one in Spain. It is light and doesn’t require much space in your tummy so you can have it any time when you feel like not eating something heavy. It is one of the different kinds of sandwiches

different kinds of sandwiches
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Croque Monsieur

This sandwich usually gets in France and people enjoy the sandwich till today. In France, it is the second most famed bread, brioche filled with ham and later it is coated in a slightly seasoned layer of cheese.

This dish was discovered in France and it was usually started in French cafes and bars as a quick snack. The dish is topped with fried egg.  The sandwich was first saw at the Paris café menu in 1910.

different kinds of sandwiches
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I am someone of you must have gone to New York but you did not have Pastrami on rye over there. It was discovered by 1888 by Sussman Volk who was a chef at Delencey Street in New York City.

Gradually it became famous and people started having it on a weekly basis. Served on rye and topped with spicy brown mustard. It is one of the famous and must-haves dishes in New York City.

different kinds of sandwiches
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It is commonly found in Lebanon and people have this dish after the nigh-outs. It can be found anywhere across the country but the real taste you would get in Lebanon only. If you want to have it then, order the chicken shawarma with a pair of falafel and toum or dip.

Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods especially in Lebanon and other countries across the globe.

It might be served on a plate but is usually makes it as a roll and then it is cut in pieces. It is often served with dices tomatoes, cucumbers and onions to make it more good and tasty for the people who love to eat this.

different kinds of sandwiches
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Vada Pav

It is found in India and as the country is diverse and so are its cuisines. Vada Pav will get in the country very easily and it is more or less same like a sandwich or you can say that it is Indian version of sandwich.

Packed in a bun, the potato is in between both the bun. You can have it with chutney or tomato sauce whichever way suits you. If you want to have the real taste of Vada Pao then you should go to Mumbai as it originated from there.

different kinds of sandwiches
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Skagen Macka

It is mostly found in Sweden and usually is open-faced sandwiches. It is Sweden’s traditional dish and the name Skagen that has kept after a port town in neighboring Denmark.

So, these are some different kinds of sandwiches that you must try when you travel to these places and share your experience in the comment’s section below and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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