Different type of ice-creams you will definitely crave for!

Who doesn’t love ice-creams? People all over from the world love ice cream and there are not one of two types of ice-creams that exist there are several. Generally people combat heat by eating ice-cream in summers as it is made up of ice.

So, today I am going to tell you the different types of ice-creams around the world. If you can’t roam around the world to watch places then do visit these mentioned places for the lovely ice-creams.

different types of ice-creams
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Sorbetes is the name of the ice-cream in Philippines and it has different varieties. It is generally served with cone, small wafer and bread buns and made from either milk or coconut. These ice-creams are stuffed with tapioca.

Sorebetes is sold by Sorbeteros and there carts which are colorfully painted and helps them to travel from one place to another.

different types of ice-creams
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Mochi is the name for the ice-cream in Japan. It is also called Daifuku there and all the Japanese people are crazy about this ice-cream. Made by mochi (rice flour) the ice-cream is stuffed in the centre. It is usually round in shape and has dough like structure and the mix flavor is its specialty.

 The people mainly use flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, plum wine, green tea and red bean. It was discovered by Japanese-American businesswoman Frances Hashimoto.

different types of ice-creams
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Gelato heavier than other ice-creams because it is mostly made up of milk and that’s what makes it different from other ice-creams. Custard, cream, milk without eggs is widely used to prepare this ice-cream. The main ingredient is milk and sugar. The best part is that it has fewer calories than any other ice-creams around the world.

The Italian law requires gelato to have a minimum of 3.5% butterfat. It is served in cone, sandwich, cake or pie.

different types of ice-creams
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The ice-creams are blended with salep flour and mastic that helps it to sustain for longer period of time. Turkish ice-creams are chewy and easy to eat.

So, these are some of the different types of ice-creams around the world and if you haven’t got any chance to visit these places then you should for these ice-creams and for more food related articles stay tuned!

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