Destinations You Can Travel Without Having A Passport

Have no passport and want to travel the foreign countries? Don’t worry, we have something to tell you today about where you can travel outside India and what are the places you can go to if you want to have a vacation.

Generally, people who have passport can roam around the world easily but those who don’t have; they have a problem as passport is must in almost all the countries around the globe but what if I tell you that there are some places that does not look for any passport? Yes, you heard that right there are a lot of places around the globe. So, let’s begin with the places to visit without passport

places to visit without passport
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US Virgin Islands – Tropical Splendor

This place is one of the most amazing one and you don’t even require passport here. You can fly from NYC and it is just 4 hours from there and you will be there in the four hours. The Islands was earlier the colony of Dutch.

The hilly volcanic nature of the islands, make it to the most enchanting place to explore between some world –class sunbathing on St Thomas.

If you ever go to US please do visit the beautiful place once as it is the most heavenly place you will ever be to. This place is one of the best places to visit without passport

places to visit without passport
Picture credit – National Geographic

Hawaii – Aloha Aloha

Hawaii is mainly famous for its beaches and mountains. The breath-taking views are one of the main reasons why people go there. Here you don’t need passport.

The lush and tropical climate hovers in the 70-85 degree temperature range making it wonderfully warm and comfortable for exploring, beach life and you can even relax at peace and do what makes you happy after coming here. This destination is one of the best places to visit without passport

places to visit without passport
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Puerto Rico – Caribbean Magic

If you are looking for warm and tropical gateway, this destination is perfect for you. This place is more suitable for the people of the US as the unincorporated territory of the US that allows the free movement of the citizens.

Here mainly, the Spanish colony was established earlier and we can see the influences are still today in the places names and the local people speak Spanish and restaurants serving Spanish dish in the town of San Juan.

For unlimited fun you can take a short boat trip also of the Island to visit Isla de Vieques. The Island also has a protected wild life refuge where horses roam for free. This destination is one of the best places to visit without passport

places to visit without passport
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In Tijuana which lies in Mexico does not need the passport and here you can the best vacation of your life. A short drive from San Diego and as soon as you will reach Tijuana you will be in another wonderland only.

You can have their cuisines, look at their culture closely and also to art and craft. Tijuana is a fun introduction to the authentic flavor of Mexico. 

The destination is very popular for youngsters to enjoy a laid back vibe and party all night. They are also famous for their art and craft and Turista Libre is a great art gallery to see all the art and craft work.

places to visit without passport
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Key West, Florida

Key West lies in Florida and you will see the tropical climate here. It has a party like atmosphere around and you will always feel the same vibe in this Island and it is really important for us also as you might be too tired living the same life and doing the same 9 to 5 job.

The best part about the party is they are set in such a manner that you will be able to see the Mountains or the scenic beauty. The party usually happens in an open area so that people can fully enjoy the time and plus the beauty of the place.

If not like this, there are a lot of pubs and bars which might give you a whole city feeling. But I would suggest you to go for the open bars those are much beautiful and lively. As it is in the cities you must have gone to the normal pubs and bars but here you can feel that you are in heaven and that feeling will gradually come in you.

places to visit without passport
Picture credit – SOEST Hawaii

Mariana Islands and Guam – out of Conflict comes Calm

This destination has one of the most enchanting places and you can have so much of fun here. If you are interested in knowing the history of the Battle of Saipan so there are some memorials on the Islands fortifications.

There are a lot of untouched beaches and exotic places and it also has beautiful coral reefs that create calm lagoon in the water. The blue water of the sea lights up the condition of the aquatic animals and plants.

So, these are some places to visit without passport and can roam around easily. For more travel related updates stay tuned!

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