Debunking False Notions About A Solo Trip

A solo trip is just not as scary as you think. It can actually be the most exciting and adventurous trip of your life. So, if you planning a solo trip this season, here are a few myths and false notions that are just not true!

solo trip

1. Travelling alone is a boring habit.

Well, actually it’s not. Most solo travellers appreciate their way of travelling. Unlike in group, solo travelling makes you more attentive and engaged in every function and events during the trip. So, you can just be yourself. A solo trip gives you time and space to introspect and know more about yourself.

solo trip

2. Solo Travelling Is Not Safe

 Many people often say that solo travelling is not safe. But that is not true in its entire manner. mishappening can happen at any time whether you are with your friends, family or in a bunch of groups. Hazards are not determined by the number of people. Keep your family posted and call them frequently. You can account for your own safety so just stay responsible and attentive all the time.

solo trip

3. Without Having A Companion Any Trip Is Useless

This is the most stupid notion that most people have. Travelling without a companion is actually more exciting and enjoyable. So, you can go wherever you want, eat wherever you like, wear what you feel like; no one will be there to judge you. Solo travelling also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and start afresh friendship.

solo trip

4. Introverts Can’t Handle Travelling Alone

That’s just not true. Though being an introvert you might feel shy before talking to someone, but eventually, someone will reach to you. Probably initial period can cause you some trouble but solo travelling give you a great amount of confidence and grow you as an individual.

solo trip

5. You Need To Be Rich For Solo Travelling

Travelling in a group help you in cutting down the expenses by sharing the total amount. But that doesn’t mean for solo travelling you need to have a huge budget. In fact when you are travelling alone, it is totally your call to choose the cheapest flights and accommodation. You can also have alone time to sharpen your bargaining skills. So actually it is not that expensive. You can also try these tips for a budget trip.

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