Countries where Indian rupees is much superior

People like to travel these days a lot and sometimes they cancel their vacation plans due to the financial problems. That’s completely fine and there is a time when this phase comes in everyone’s life.

Going on a vacation is must for knowing yourself better or spending some quality time with your loved ones.

But don’t worry if you are broke and does not have much money in your pocket I am going to tell you some of the countries where Indian rupees are quite superior than their owns. Countries where Indian rupees are much superior

So let’s begin with the list.

Countries where Indian rupees are much superior


It is known for its Beaches and it is considered one of the famous places for bachelors. The breath-taking islands are something people look forward to see.

The currency of Indonesia is quite low as compared to Indian rupees. You can shop there and do a lot of things at the same time. 

You can also visit rejuvenating spa sessions that will fill you with freshness and you can enjoy that fully. The sunset views make the beach more beautiful and exciting and people come from different parts of the world to see the sunset view.

Countries where Indian rupees are much superior


The country has lush greenery and you can enjoy the time there. You can see the natural beauty and historical monuments.

The currency of Iceland is Krona.

Countries where Indian rupees are much superior


It is also one of the best places around the world to visit as it has very less value in terms of Indian rupees so you can enjoy the vacation with your family or with loved ones over here.

You can also rent a bicycle and spend some days just roaming around the place and to explore the destination. Reap night market is also reasonable it with its rate and you can bargain quite well.

Countries where Indian rupees are much superior


The place currency is much inferior to that of Indian rupees. Colombia is a treasure for a passionate traveler. Make sure you try some of the aromatic, fresh Colombian coffee at one the city’s many cafes.

Countries where Indian rupees are much superior


The country is known for the Buddhist culture. The country is just the similar to that of India as it offers the exact taste as Indians have. Museums and French colonial architecture are some of the country’s top attractions.

There are some Countries where Indian rupees are much superior. For more travel related updates stay tuned!

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