Common Behaviors That Are Subtly Sabotaging Your Relationship

Even though you provide topmost priority to your partner, sometimes there is a possibility that he or she might not feel that way if you’re guilty of any of these common habits. Given below are some behaviours that can sabotage your relationship.

Giving Cell Phone The Top Priority
Nowadays it’s a culture where we constantly check our phones. But, this obsession comes at a cost, and the casualty of this addiction can definitely tamper your personal relationship. The only solution here is to provide full attention to them when you’re having dinner, being intimate, or doing anything else.


Jealous Attitude
Jealousy within relationships typically comes down to fear of abandonment and not feeling good enough. It is a stem from insecurity, lack of trust, fear of betrayal, low confidence, and can linger from past relationships and life experiences. To overcome this attitude, take time to have a conversation with your partner about specific situations that made you feel jealous and explain why you believe you felt that way. 

Constant Nagging and complaining
A nagging partner can obviously create tension and division leading to sabotage your relationship. Rather you should consider waiting until a good time to discuss what is bothering you, instead of nagging. Patience is the only key here. Ask them to let you know when a good time might be. You can circle back then, instead of nagging and complaining.

Ungrateful Behaviour
Every time appreciating small things of your partner is not possible. But, it’s a life discipline to cultivate. Seeing the good [he or shedoes] and considering it will help. Thus, always make a conscious effort to thank your partner for the small things.

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