Cheap Places In Europe That You Must Visit

Travelling is fun and a lot of people live for travelling and love to explore new places or you can say hidden places around the globe. When I say cheap destination that means you will save a lot of money and prices of accommodation and other things.

And if you are looking for some cheap destination so Europe would be the perfect vacation spot for you. Yes, you might be thinking that you cannot afford the price of the country but it’s not right. I will tell you some hidden places which are affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Lets’ begin with cheapest places in Europe

cheapest places in Europe
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The name of the city itself has romance so how can’t you get to this place? Yes, Romania is quite affordable place the city has a very great nightlife and there are also plethora of day time by nearby towns and I am sure that will fill you with excitement.

You can also visit Turda Salt Mine the expansive mine was opened to visitors in the 1990s and provides you with a glimpse into the extensive mining industry in Romania.

cheapest places in Europe
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Want to enjoy in the best city of Europe? Visit Poland. If you love adventure and want to try out something different along with some breath-taking views then this destination is perfect for you as it offers unlimited hikes for outdoor lovers.

If you want to escape from the hectic world and literally enjoy for some time. If you are also looking forward for some camping vacations then you can make a trip to Tatra Mountains. Or if you are looking for a city gateway catch the next train to Warsaw or Krakow.

Both the cities will let you know the richness of the history as well as the culture of Poland. It is one of the cheapest places in Europe

cheapest places in Europe
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If you are fond of knowing the history and architecture of the place in Europe, Slovakia is just perfect for you. Here you have a lot of museum and you can easily know the history or about the past of the city and beer and wine is really famous here.

You can enjoy your drinks with the scenic beauty of the city. Head to the small town Modra where just about every house has a vineyard and there you can also check the local distilleries and microbreweries. The local people are heartwarming and you can also stay with them to get the culture and everything better.

cheapest places in Europe
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Greece is one of the most romantic places around the globe and cheap place. One of the best places in Greece is Santorini which is cheap on any budget. You can enjoy here with your loved ones especially with your spouse.

 You can book a table sea view facing restaurant in advance and you can also spend the time with your loved ones. There are so many people who visit the place every year and enjoy the vacation. Ever since people got to know this place, the visitors are going there every year.

cheapest places in Europe
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It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Bay of Kotor is well preserved and accessible to travelers. Kotor is perfect picturesque views and situated on Montenegro Adriatic coast. The city is filled with medieval architecture and the turquoise bay.

The accommodation is very affordable in the destination and people come from different parts of the world and ever since people got to know about this and the visitors started coming here. You can enjoy the vacation here with the family or loved ones and spend time with the locals. It is one of the
cheapest places in Europe

cheapest places in Europe
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This place is suitable for the people who love beaches and Islands and it happens t be one of the most beautiful places on planet. If you like swimming you can swim here in the crystal clear blue sea during the day under the sun.

For the city lovers, Zagreb is a perfect place to be. It does not only offer beautiful architectural buildings but also a good nightlife that you can explore here. You can also take a day tour to Plitvice Lakes National Park.

cheapest places in Europe
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You might have not heard of the place, Kosovo before. It is in Europe and one of the cheapest places of the country. The city offers some of the grand churches in Eastern Europe and you can also enjoy coffee if you are a coffee lover for just a euro.

So, these are some of the cheapest places in Europe you can visit to and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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