Car Hacks That will Make Your Journey More Enjoyable and Smooth

If you have car or about to buy there are some car hacks that I am going to tell you today in order to gain a very good experience in driving and in terms of car maintenance. Whether you are going to office on a daily basis or going for a trip these car hacks will make your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Buying a car is easy but maintaining it is difficult. If you follow these mentioned steps you car will not ask for service at garage every month for some or the other reason. So, let’s get started with the car hacks!

car hacks
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Keep cleanliness in your car

Keeping your car clean is utmost important there should not be dirt or prints of the mud on the mat of the car’s floor. Keep polythene in your car and keep all the garbage in that poly bag. Like this you will not throw the waste things inside the car. So always keep a trash bag with you.

Or you can keep a container like thing in your car if not polythene. You can paste it somewhere where it is visible much to the people outside.  

car hacks
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Seat warmer

This thing is for winters if you are living in such an area where it is winters most of the time then this thing is for you. Try to buy plug –in seat warmer so that you will not feel uncomfortable all the time and you can enjoy the ride. You will be warmed up all the way to your destination.

car hacks
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Car mats

Try to place some plastic sheet or news paper on the car mats do no stick them on the mats as by doing that you can easily shed the dirt or extra mud from that newspaper or sheet very easily and by doing this your car mats will be intact.

Later on you can wash the car mats if you feel that there is a need to wash them.

car hacks
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Clear the dirt from sunroof of the car

Now this is also really important thing to take care of your car. If not on weekly basis try to keep clean your car’s sunroof on monthly basis. This will not clog the sunroof and you can enjoy the journey with family and you can have fun while in sun by opening the sunroof of your car.

Open the sunroof and look for drain holes in the front and to the other corners of sunroof.


If you are staying in a region where it is winters all the time then you have to get an ice-proof windshield for your car so that it will not destroy them even in the heavy frost. Keep cleaning the windshield with three parts of vinegar and one part of water mixed in a spray bottle. This mixture will help from freezing frost on your windshield.

So, these were some of the car hacks to keep your car going for a long term. For more gadgets related updates stay tuned!

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