Busting Leading Myths About Alcohol

There is no limit to the amount and kind of pieces of advice one gets on alcohol. These self-proclaimed ‘educators’ have flooded the world with end number
There is no limit to the amount and kind of pieces of advice one gets on alcohol. These self-proclaimed ‘educators’ have flooded the world with end number of myths that we will be busting today. of myths that we will be busting today.

1. “Wanna get drunk? Just mixing you’re alcohol with any energy drink.”

Many assume that combining alcohol with an energy drink (because they have a high amount of caffeine presence) can make you get drunk. Nope!! This alcohol myth is not true at any level. Energy drinks mixed with alcohol is never going to enhance any sort of ‘relaxed’ feeling that you achieve after having a few drinks. Rather, caffeine presence masks the sedative effect of alcohol and people end up consuming more glasses. As a result, they end up drinking way more than what they should and how much their body allows. You get too drunk and a bonus of terrible hangover.

Tip – Mixing alcohol with diet soda may increase intoxication reason being the lack of sugar content and not caffeine.

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2. “Start with hard stuff and slow down to beer.”

There is a predetermine notion that beer is a softer drink and cannot make you drunk as quickly as others can do. With this perception, people are usually seen consuming hard drinks before rounds of beer.  This can make them go too fast with the drunken part and will end up vomiting. So, this alcohol myth is false.

What is important here is the type and amount of alcohol intake. And how are you mixing them? Excess of everything is bad, whether it is beer, wine, or harsh liquors.

3. “Darker the alcohol, better it is for your health”

Dark wines (even beer) usually have a high level of antioxidants than others present in the market. Holding onto this fact people believe that these options have nutritional values and are healthy. While the real fact is, darker alcohol also has more cogeners – which can give you a terrible hangover. So, instead of picking up them, go for a lighter version.

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4. “Older The Wine, Better It Gets”

Many wines are preserved for years for a better flavour and texture. They are expensive too. But that doesn’t mean any bottle can be left to sit for a long time. Such a tactic depends upon the type of wine. So, this alcohol myth is false.

5. “Aspirin And Such Kind Can Help You Eliminate Hangover Effects”

It’s a good idea though, taking a pill so that you won’t feel dizzy in the morning. But it is not going to help you. Medicine power is going to wear off a lot more before than your headache. So, never ever take such medicines before drinking. This can erode your stomach lining and can cause you irritation or burn. Taking aspirin can also cause you inflammation.

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6. “Eating Reduces Hangover”

Most of you must have heard and practised eating pizza, burger and what not thinking it will comfort you in the morning. But those cheesy slices are not going to do any good to you. Instead, such combination with alcohol is going to upset your stomach by making acid reflux.
If you want to feel a bit less dizzy in the morning just limit your alcohol consumption and opt for having some snacks before you start drinking. Binge eating and binge drinking, both are going to destroy you in the morning.

7. “Want To Feel sober? Just Have Coffee And A Cold Shower”

Many people think that this combination helps them minimize the effect of alcohol. But this alcohol myth is false to its core. Coffee or any other substitute drink may wake you up and save you from dozing off quickly. But it will not help your body in removing all that bad stuff out. You will have to have patience and time for that.

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8. “Beer Helps You In Workout Recovery ”

Some researchers have worked upon this and found out that beer does hydrate athletes better if compared to water. Reason being the vitamins and other health benefits present in beer but those are not available in the water. Also the crabs present helps in retaining the energy.
But this doesn’t mean it can be used as a workout recovery drink. Another research should that there is a very slight difference between the recovery factor of those who opted for water and alcohol.
Consuming alcohol lowers down the recovery and repairs of your muscle.

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