Bursting The Common Myths About Relationships

Relationships have always been prone to debates and discussions. It is such an indefinable aspect of human life that uncertainties are always around it. Just because one is enjoying his / her love life doesn’t mean the other will have the same pleasure. The topic has always been subjective and diverse based on people and their choices. And because of this, there are many false notions or myths about relationships floating around the society which we will be addressing today.

The term relationship is not something limited to ‘love life’ but of course you experience a lot of other connections, relationships in the family, romantic relationships, parental relationships, these are just a part under this huge term. And when you get into one it demands an equal amount of love, affection and responsibilities which must be considered at every step of life. So, here are a few common myths about relationships which people believe easily.

common myths about relationships
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‘There Is A Soul Mate For Every One’

Along with being a myth, it is also a mistake that people often believe that there is someone ‘perfect’ waiting for them at some corner of this world. And when they get into a relationship with someone, who has a different personality of opinion, he / she become just other many similar types.
Instead of trying to make things work between them, people just move on with confidence that they will find their perfect soul mate next time.

This is one of the worst common myths about relationships. People no more want to invest their time and feelings to nurture their relationship because of this notion that their partner is not the ‘ideal one’ for them. But what they fail to understand is that people are not perfect but relationships are when equal time and efforts are given.

common myths about relationships
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‘People With Similar Personality Have The Best Relationship’

Many people have this false notion that those who share the same characteristics and traits are bound to be in a better and healthy relationship than those who have a diverse mindset. But this belief is as wrong as two left shoes. Everyone in this world is different and has their individuality.

What they don’t understand is that same mentality or opinion doesn’t attract people but there are other aspects which catch the attention of them. Suppose you may get attracted to some who likes Thai food, just like you but you don’t share similar opinions. These common myths about relationships are jus false.

common myths about relationships
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‘New Relationship Is A Best Rebound’

Another common myth about relationships which people believe very easily is a new fresh relationship is the best rebound for a recent breakup. Experts say that such situations are the best when you can spend some alone time and nurture self – individuality.

Take your time and think about all those mistakes that you have done in your previous relationship. Work on yourself. Try to become a better person so that such things are not repeated in future.

Getting into a new relationship so suddenly is not going to help you in any manner. Rather it will affect you and your spouse badly, turning your relationship into a toxic one because you will not be able to forget your ex so quickly.

common myths about relationships
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‘Sex Boosts Your Relationship’

Intimacy is surely one of an important aspect of a relationship but having a notion that it is the ultimate saviour or most important part is false thinking. Physical pleasure is essential but it is not something on which a relationship can rely in order to become successful.

Emotional support and spiritual connection are equally important for a healthy and vigorous relationship. Love, affection, care and hard work are what make a relationship stronger and perfectly functioning.

Love, affection, care and hard work are what make a relationship stronger and perfectly functioning.

And if such common myths about relationships were right how come so many distance relationships are working perfectly?

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