Bizarre Festivals In United States You Never Heard Of Before

United States is one of the famous and known countries for its rich culture and people. There are a lot of festivals that keeps on happening in the country but they have some bizarre festivals in United States that you must have not listened from anyone or celebrated anywhere across the globe.

United States probably is the only country that celebrates it and people enjoy too as they have been celebrating it from a long ago. You will find some festivals that might bug you and you will find most of them like freakish.

bizarre festivals
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Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival

The combination of Shrimp and petroleum sounds weird right? But that’s how the people of Louisiana makes it possible. There are a lot of big industries of the both in the country and the festivals come at the end of August or at the beginning of September. Also you can expect a lot of good food at the festival as there are about 100 plus items that are served during the festival.

Over 100 of artists can showcase their talent in terms of art by displaying the paintings, jewelry, candles and more in the festivals.

bizarre festivals
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Mars New Year

Pennsylvania celebrates the New Year of Mars which is a planet. This festival is celebrated in the month of May in between 15-20. It happens once every two Earth years. The main motive about celebrating this festival is to encourage the young ones to peruse these fields.

The residents of the city of Mars and Pennsylvania usually celebrate the Martin New Year which is basically two day program which hosts science, technology, engineering and math’s festival. This festival is one of the bizarre festivals in United States that sounds really weird when it comes to the festivals.

BugFest in Raleigh

BugFest festival usually is celebrated by the people of California and if you love bugs then that is your place. You can spend some time learning facts and more information about the insects. The festival takes places in the month of September every year.

If you love collecting information about the bugs and other animals then you must visit here as they will teach you everything here. You can also display your talent by installing your stall and let your talent reach to you. There will also be 100s of games and other activities for you to enjoy.

bizarre festivals
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Road kill cook-off festival

The road kill cook off festival is being celebrated by Marlinton and West Virginia. It is one of the most fun filled and interesting festivals of all the time as there are a lot of activities that takes place in this festival. They also serve some authentic dishes like squirrel gravy, biscuits, deer sausage and much more.

They also offers and give you a golden chance to showcase your talent if you have it you can perform it in front of the people and by this you can get an identity of your own.

bizarre festivals

Mosquito Festival

This is one of the bizarre festivals in United States and they have a mosquito calling contests. The festival offers you the great food music and carnival. This event also features family orientated activities with arts and crafts, children’s festivities and lots more.

They offer three days of live music and carnival arts and food vendors. It also consist of contests that include 5K Run, BBQ Cook-off and much more. The name is weird but if you ever go to this festival then you will enjoy there to the fullest and you would love to go there.

bizarre festivals
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Underwater music festival

The underwater music festival is celebrated by the people of Florida. The festival takes place mid-July and is far one of the most shocking and strangest festivals ever. A band plays different underwater and snorkelers dive so if you are a water baby then you can enjoy the show underwater.

In the water the sounds travels much faster than that of air so the music experience is much better underwater. Several divers and snorkelers can come and experience this festival for a spellbound experience. You can enjoy the music just not with your ears but also from the entire body.

bizarre festivals
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Twinsburg Twins Day Festival

Twins Day festival is carried out in Twinsburg and you must have got the idea what kind of festival is it by the word ‘Twin’. This takes place in the month of August and all the twins or triplets are welcome in this festival to register them. Quadruplets are also welcome to take part in this festival.

Ohio is one of the largest annual gatherings of twins and you will be shocked to see so many twins at one platform. The total number of twins that register them is approximately 2,000 in numbers. There is a competition that happens between the different twins like parade and others also. The festival is full of entertainment, fireworks and contests.

So, these are some of the bizarre festivals that happen in United States and for more lifestyle updates stay tuned!

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