Best Places You Can Explore In Ireland

We all feel like travelling to some exotic places and get away from the busy life that makes us boring and trapped in one room and in front of computer. Travel is the best part of life and everyone should go to their favourite places to explore and to relax with the family and loved ones. 

Today, we will talk about the best and beautiful places to stay in Ireland – the country of rolling clouds and mountains all over. There are so many picturesque beauties around the country and you should definitely visit these places once in your life time. Lets’ talk about the Best places to visit in Ireland

Best places to visit in Ireland
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Cliffs of Moher

Cliff of Moher is said to be one of the most beautiful natural attractions. The closest settlements from the attraction are Liscannor and Doolin. The cliff is one of the most visited places in Ireland around the globe and about 1.5 million people come here per year from different parts of the world.

Approximately at 120 meters  up in the height these great cliffs offers scenic and breath-taking views and also makes easy for the visitor see the hundreds of millions of history. The cliff is also recognised by UNESCO and also has a point from where you can see views which you normally cannot see.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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It is one of the Best places to visit in Ireland and Sligo is a very small town in Ireland that offers a great medieval core, arched stone bridges, lichen-spotted abbey and wealth of 19th century townhouses.

The place is really romantic which has the perfect natural beauty present in the laps of nature. There is also a small town called Sligo Bay and the town is surrounded by many mountains. The view is mesmerising when clouds cover the mountains and it’s a perfect treat to the eyes. The total population that live here is 19,199 and mostly Roman Catholic resides here.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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Boyne Valley

The total length of this valley is about 110 miles from the verdant heartlands of the country to Irish Sea. The lush green fields are a sight to see in itself and really lives up to the Emerald Isle. In between the borders the visitors can explore the Newgrange monument and Trim Castle.

This valley is easily accessible from the Capital – Dublin and you can see a lot of enchanting views of the valley.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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The city of Galway is one of the Best places to visit in Ireland and it is too filled with the history and the most interesting part about the city which keeps the Galway different is the artsy and bohemian flair that keeps the street well and alive. Not only this, the streets are full with art and pubs serve as blank canvases for the people who seek interest in art.

You can watch an amazing street performance and get to know the culture and local people better and other than this, you can also visit pubs that will give you a live feeling of a concert with high music and people would be dancing to the rhythm.

If you are more inclined towards historic attractions Galway Cathedral and the Spanish Arc and the Hall of the Red Earl would the best place for you to explore.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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Ennis, County Clare

Ennis is one of the great destinations in Ireland and with great sites. Each and every site of the place reveals its history. The locals of the destination welcome visitors with open arms and tell them the story of the place who so ever seems interested.

The place has local museums too so you can go and visit there as well to know more about the art and architecture. Exploring the fantastic architecture to the area is also easily done by simply walking through the streets.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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Ireland is one of the places that depict its historic story. You need to visit Dublin once. It is a very small city but you will fall in love with the breath-taking views. It has several places to visit from historic attractions to modern established buildings.

There are several things and cases that happened in the past and you won’t find them in the books or on the internet but by visiting the historic attractions you will be able to get most of the answers of your questions. Apart from this you can enjoy and breathe fresh air. The city Dublin has a lot to offer to the travellers.

So, these are some of the Best places to visit in Ireland and if you ever visit here do explore these mentioned places and share your experience in the comment’s section below and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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