Beautiful Palaces That Looks Surreal

One of the many things that I loved about fairytales are the palaces that they used to live in and those are so enchanting and beautiful that it is so hard not to think about them and think that you are living in it.

There are a lot of castles and palaces that you should go and visit rather than visiting to some very common place. If you are finding some peace than it is one of the amazing places to be and there is no one around you much. You will fall in love with these castles and would love to stay there forever.

So, today we will talk about some unheard palaces and castles that still exist in real world. These castles look exactly same like what we used to see in Walt Disney movies. So, let’s begin with the different surreal castle in the world

surreal castle in the world

Orava Castle, Slovakia

It looks exactly same like the Disney castle ones and you will fall in love with this one for sure. The castle was built in 1200s and it was again renovated in 1800s because of a fire mishap. It does look like a dream and looks surreal to all the visitors.

Every year people come here and see this magical place and this castle has something magical in its own charm and has something positive here. The sunset from here looks magical and the river Orava flowing water’s sound is the best thing about this castle.

Just imagine that you are on the top of this castle and besides this a river is flowing by and the sound of the water plus sunset point you will see and there will be a cold breeze that will be in the air. How do you imagine all this? Sounds great ya!

This is what this castle looks like and does not look less than a fairytale. It initially served as an administrative and military centre for the Ovara region of Slovakia. This is one of the beautiful and different surreal castles in the world that you would never want to come from there. This is one of the surreal castle in the world

surreal castle in the world

Glamis Castle, Scotland

This castle has a very interesting story. Queen Elizabeth’s home during her childhood and later went on to become the setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth!   This castle is in Scotland and it is one of the beautiful castles around the globe.

You will feel love all over this as you will this castle around the greenery and if you are a nature lover then this is perfectly of your choice. People these days look for only that place that is peaceful and full of nature so this castle is for them who need a peaceful vacation plus they want to stay close to the nature.

Glamis Castle has its own charm and people from different parts of the world come here to capture the mesmerizing views from this castle. It is also one of the most surreal castle in the world

surreal castle in the world

Pena Palace, Portugal

The palace looks so amazing and happy place to be and you will not be able to believe that something of this kind also exists. The architecture is full of bright colors and painted all over the castle. This is one of the surreal castles in the world.

The castle was built by King Ferdinand the II and the best thing about this castle is that it has a river also besides this and the flow of water is amazing and the sound that waves make is beyond imagination. The greenery is another attractive thing that makes it beautiful.

Pena Palace is no doubt is one of the most beautiful palaces of all the times. It’s bright and lively colors also make it unique and different from other castles around the world. It do not have one color but several colors on the walls of the palace.

surreal castle in the world

Himeji Castle, Japan

Now, this huge castle has its own charm and it is flanked by a lot of mesmerizing trees. This was built back in 1800s and it took around 82 buildings to create this master piece. The castle is in Japan and it is also one of the finest surviving epitomes of Japanese castle architecture.

This castle also come under the UNESCO and has announced it one of the best buildings in Japan. The Himeji castle was owned by the Shogun until a new government took over. 

The best part about this castle is that it is surrounded by so many seasonal trees and that’s what makes it look more beautiful. People come here at the time of spring as most of the flowers of the trees grow this time and the castle look even more beautiful.

So, these are some of the surreal castle in the world and if you ever get a chance so do visit here and share your experience in the comment’s section below. For more travel related updates stay tuned!

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