Beautiful Female Animals You Must See!

Animals are the most amazing part of life and they are one of the kindest and purest form of any creature that god has ever made. Now along with male animals there are females too and there are a lot of female animals that are more beautiful and good looking that of male animals.

We are just about to unveil the most beautiful female animals across the globe and you will be in love with them.

beautiful female animals
Picture credit – scalsys.com

Elephant Seal

They are one of the most beautiful female animals and they are known as elephant seals. The height of these seals is relatively smaller than that of males and they are too heavier than them. They have an advantage that they can dive much faster and longer.

They are also able to breathe in water and can also hold on to their inside the sea. They don’t have bulbous nose and they are considered as one of the loudest animals in the world. They can live without water for many days and the milk of the elephant is very high in fat.

The babies of the seals grow up very fast within 30 days and a new born seal has a weight around 75 to 300 pounds in a month.

beautiful female animals
Picture credit – Yle.fi

Arctic foxes

These foxes are commonly found in the frozen areas like Antarctica. They live in the open wide areas where there is no tree and home and that are how their body has been made like. They have stunning face and structure of the body with white fur on her.

She looks fearless and too bold. The white and grey colored fur makes her perfect for the extreme cold temperature. The color of her fur changes when in heat. In summers, the grey and brown color helps them to hide them in rocks and that’s why they can easily target on birds, rodents and fish.

The best part of this fox is that they also at vegetables that helps to balance their body and in winters their tail covers them up and keeps them warm. These fox can give birth to 14 fox pups in the spring.

They are basically found in cold region but their natural adaption is really good as they can survive in both winters as well in heat. Their nose helps them to reduce the heat loss and in winters their tail keep them warm and their feet also have furs.

The blood flow in the body is comparatively high as that helps them to stay away from freezing. They are blessed with the perfect kind of things to survive looking at today’s weather and it is also one of the beautiful female animals around the world.

beautiful female animals
Picture credit – denverzoo.org

Clouded Leopard

It looks like a cat rather than a leopard but they are way too adorable but only from distance. They are basically found more in Asia like in Nepal Himalayan region. They have become extinct and have few of them now.

They have a good grip as they can climb really high and can also hang down in large branches upside down. Their prey usually consists of birds, pigs, monkeys and squirrels and they are very cunning when it comes to hunt for their food.

The mesmerizing beauty can give birth up to five cubs every year and the small cubs depend on their mother for approximately nine months. The size of female leopards is comparatively small than that of males as they are more type of cats. The females are more active in day light.

The best part is that they only look like a cat but their jaws are really wide than cats. They can be available in the forests of Asia includes Borneo and Sumatra. These are also one of the most beautiful female animals in the world.

beautiful female animals
Picture credit – Pinterest

Rainbow butterfly

These butterflies are commonly found in the jungles of Madagascar where they feed on the nectar of flowers.  These are one of the beautiful female animals as they are really colorful and seem really attractive.

Well, its poison is also dangerous for us and they leave it on the prey so that they can have them easily and it is not at all like other butterflies. In the darker light the moth looks dull because there is hardly any pigment in its wings. But in the light that reveals the different colors on it.

So, these are some of the beautiful female animals in the world and for more world related updates stay tuned!

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