Avoid Making These Mistakes After Completing One Year Of Your Relationship

We all are a human being and we all make mistakes. That is totally normal. But as time passes by and your relationship becomes stronger, the mistakes can no more be treated as ignorable’. These small incidents may be were acceptable in the initial month of your relationship. But when you both have seen almost more than 12 years together, such happenings can impact your bonding to a great level and can be a major cause of fights and arguments.

The first year for any relationship is very crucial. It’s the time when you both are trying to understand each other and prosper as a team, instead of an individual personality. It’s the time when both of you will understand the bugs and will try to solve it in order to have a healthy relationship. So, this time demands a new level of maturity in order to understand the situation and never repeat things which do and can hurt your partner in future.

As your relationship grows you must consider even small things in order to save your relationship from being a toxic one and sabotaging it with lack of trust and insecurity. Here are some relationship mistakes which you must avoid after completing one year of your relationship.

Keeping You Feelings To Yourself

It’s ok to not be that open about yourself after one year of the relationship. It is surely had to show the vulnerable side of your to someone this quickly. But now that you have spent almost a year together, it’s not a healthy habit to hold your feeling and not telling anything about it to your partner.
You must be brutally honest to them about your feelings. Don’t hold it back, rather express them. When you share such things with your partner, a new level of trust is developed in your relationship.
Emotional presence is very important for a relationship to be healthy and secure. When you open up about yourself, your partner will also feel to do the same thing. Make sure to avoid these relationship mistakes.

Not Remembering Crucial Dates

Forgetting important dates for another person is such a mistake that can disappoint your partner to a great level. Initially, these things can be ignored and laughed off. But this relationship mistake, which many of you make, can cause you great trouble after one year of your relationship.
Birthdays, anniversary and other special events may seem hard to remember. If you cannot memorize them, just write it down in your calendar or save it somewhere which is in the sight of your eye.
When you forget a day which special for the other person, you are showing a lack of attention, care and commitment issues in your relationship. Which is just not right!!

Over Possessive Attitude

An initial period of your relationship has a different set of rules and boundaries. At those points, it was OK to feel jealous and a bit of possessive behaviour.
But now that you are together for such a long period of time, leaving such behaviour is very important. Take out time and work on your relationship, build trust. Prepare a different set of rules and boundaries, mutually. And even after doing all this you still feel jealous or possessive, it’s high time to see whether your relationship is a casualty of trust issues?

Holding Back Your Anger

In your new period of the relationship, you hold back your anger. Either not to spoil the mood, or protect another person from being uncomfortable, reasons are justified. But holding it back even after a year is one of the biggest relationship mistakes that the couple often make.
Anger is totally natural. It is a feeling which comes out when you are disappointed, hurt, even anxiety can also be one of the reasons. Trying to hold them back and try to hide keep such sentiment is a huge red flag and you must consider solving it.

Ignoring Complex Discussion

So, because you have recently connected and it’s you’re ‘honeymoon period’, pushing hard and complex conversation in your relationship fine. Initially, such talks are not that necessary. But after a year, they hold quite high significance.
You must consider talking to your partner about all the crucial things, which most people tend to ignore. They push these important talks even after so long which is a big relationship mistakes . Such small things end up making a big mess in your relationship, end up ruining it. Not opening yourself up on the right time can turn your bonding into a toxic relationship.

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