Arjun Kapoor reveals how he broke up with his girlfriend on Ranbir’s advice on Koffee with Karan

Recently, in the most-talked show Koffee With Karan season 6 we saw Namstey England actor Arjun Kapoor and his half-sister Janhvi kapoor sharing the couch on the show.

We witnessed a great bonding between the two and the episode was full of entertainment. Earlier, we told you that the 33-year old actor already created a buzz around by stating that he isn’t single and he is also ready to think about marriage now.

Now one more statement by the actor has been doing the rounds. In the rapid fire round when Karan asked him who was a better bet when it comes to relationship advice. He quickly named Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh. He also told that he broke up with his girlfriend on Ranbir’s advice which he regretted later on.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor went on saying that once he and Ranbir were standing on the balcony when Arjun told Ranbir that he is not happy in the relationship, he should let it go. The former also said, “Ranbir once gave me relationship advice and I broke up with the girl the very next day.” He describes how Ranbir sounded extremely profound when he told Arjun to choose happiness and it was a moment straight out of a Imtiaz Ali film. “I was like whoa,”

The actor went on to describe that Ranbir was superlative in the act of a love guru and it was an even better performance than that in Barfi! Arjun said that he texted the girl immediately after what Ranbir told him saying that they needed to talk.

Currently, Arjun is said to be dating Malika Arora as we have spotted them a lot of times holding hands and their sweet gesture towards each other says it all.

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