Are You A Victim of Sleep Anxiety?

For some people, sleep is like their best friend. The very next moment their head touches the pillow they doze off. While for others, no matter how cosy up their bed is, they will end up scratching head for hours before actually napping. And if we look for the reason behind this sleep disorder, they are just infinite. Nowdays we all are under pressure from one place or the other. The constant accelerating workload of the workplace, societal pressure or even stress from home, all these things add up and directly affect your snooze, leaving you with sleep anxiety.

If we look at the scientific definition, a sleep disorder can be considered as a medical disorder which is usually found in human and even animals.
Do you know somnipathy can be so serious that it can affect your physical, mental and social functioning? And emotional too!

Not sleeping is a cruel ongoing loop. When you don’t sleep you invest that time in thinking about other pieces of stuff. Stuff like what are your jobs for the next day, what you should wear etc and these things will only cause anxiety, interrupting your sleep for an even longer duration. So, paradoxically the more you stay away, more your empty mind will give you anxiety. Lack of sleep is very injurious.

For curing sleep anxiety you can try therapies while there are many home remedies which are quite helpful.  Here are some habits which will tell you to determine if you are a victim of sleep anxiety.

sleep anxiety
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You Stay Awake Thinking About Your Future

Thinking about the future is no bad. It surely gives you a better vision and motivation to work for tomorrow but if you are ruining your sleep for this, we insist it is not a good idea. When you stay awake, worrying about what will happen in future, it is surely an indication of sleep anxiety. For example, thinking about your relationship or how to handle your workspace because it is making you crazy while it is 1 A.M in the morning is just not healthy for you.

The thought of the future is only going to ruin your present by affecting your future. Psychologists suggest, “When your mind is left with questions but no solution, you are tending to adopt more anxiety which surely affects your sleep.”

Not just future, thinking about regrettable past can also result in giving you sleep anxiety. The circle of past experiences and actions are just not healthy for your mind. So, it’s better to leave things with time. When you cannot change things, it is better to leave them with your past. Enjoy your present!

Heart And Breathing Issue

When a person eats healthy and fulfils minimum hours of sleep needed (Which is approx 7-9 hours) he/ she experiences a vigorous heart pumping with clam and noiseless breathing. This is the exact opposite when you skip your sleep due to definite reasons. If you are experiencing accelerated heart rate and noisy breathing, do consider this as a sign of sleep anxiety.

sleep anxiety
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During the state of anxiety, instead of calming down your body is in more hassle, ultimately affecting the heart rate. Some people even fear that while sleeping they will not be able to breathe. Such incidents make your body to gear itself up rather than chilling down.

Habit Of Continuously Checking The Clock

You cannot stop yourself from checking the clock again and again and this action only makes you more anxious about how late it has been? Sounds familiar?
Most of the people with sleep anxiety have a habit of repetitively checking the clock and worrying about the time. Well, if we look closely, this is sort of an ongoing loop. You look at the clock, you feel panic and anxious about how late it already is, thus pushing your sleep for even more hours.

Fear OF Nightmares

People, who are a victim of getting regular nightmares are often seen running away from sleeping. They themselves try to avoid it with all possible actions. Rather than opting for a nap, they spend their time watching movies, Netflix, reading books and of course, social media sites. They try to ignore their sleep for as long as they can and this habit is a major cause of sleep anxiety.

sleep anxiety
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So, the solution to this problem is not utilizing the time in other chores but to consult a professional. They will surely be helpful and provide a better way out for this problem.

People now a day don’t pay much attention to the amount of sleep. They are taking and end up ruining their health in a long run. Sleeping is as important for our body as eating and it is just Non- flexible.

P.S. – Above mentioned habits are primarily observation based. So, if you feel like you are going through some serious sleep anxiety we recommend you to see a medical professional.

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