Amazing Heart Shaped Island You Must Visit

Are you looking for some amazing Island? Well I have come up with some amazing heart shape Island where you can visit. Couples who are recently married they can visit there and spend their quality time with each other. Mother Earth is very romantic and we see love all around and today we are talking about some romantic heart shaped Islands.

The paradise is so amazing that you will fall in love with these islands and it is amidst a tropical jungle, the mountains, or in a tropical area. The destinations would be perfect if you want to express your feelings or want to propose your partner. So lets’ begin with the heart shape Islands around the globe.

heart shape Islands

Dao Island, Philippines

Dao Islands is in Philippines is much known for couples and they can enjoy crystal clear water and they can also enjoy the water over there if you are a water baby. The lush landscape will give you some vacation goals here.

If you want to buy something you can as there is a small haat that exist and there are some unique things you can buy for each other. The haat is organized by the local people of the Islands. The Island has not indulged in any kind of water sports activities there.

heart shape Islands

Anfi del Mar Resort, Spain

This Island is beyond your imagination and much beautiful than you can ever imagine. It’s not just a sea or Island it is way more than that. The small Island is full of surprising and fun things that you can opt for over there.

The best part is that you can visit here with your love and it has all the luxurious in the hotels and the interior will just blow your mind. You can also surprise from the dining options to golf courses. You will get everything there itself. It is another one of the heart shape Islands

Makepeace Island, Australia

Makepeace Island is in Australia is also one of the beautiful heart shape Island. The resorts of the Island offers private rooms and 4 people can stay in one room. You get the whole Island for yourself and they are huge.

There are various activities that you can go for including Kayaking, fishing, outdoor cinema, wine tasting, and sun downer river cruise. The cruise offers sun dawn view and to capture that view a lot of people come from different parts of the world.

heart shape Islands
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Tavarua Island, Fiji

The whole Island covers the approximate area of 29 acres. The property is huge and you can try out lots of activity like Kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving. People who love water can go there and enjoy the water time with their loved ones.

This is one of the world’s famous Islands and it is very easy to go here. You would never want to come back to your regular life once to get here as it is so beautiful and mesmerizing. The Island is full of nature and green lush jungle and you can see birds chirping all around. It is one of the amazing
heart shape Islands

heart shape Islands
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Heart Reef, Australia

The Island Heart Reef is in Australia and the view you can see the view from the helicopter. There is a Great Barrier Reef which can be covered during the Hamilton Island Tour.

The view from the helicopter is mesmerizing and you only can see it from helicopter because you cannot swim or dive in order to highly unprotected status. It is basically a coral reef Islands where you will see a lot of aquatic plants and animals. And it has naturally formed in the heart shape on its own.

heart shape Islands
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Blueberry Island, Canada

This Island is on sale. Yes, you heard that right! If you really want to express your feeling then you can gift Island to her. As chocolates and flowers are too old school types now.

The two-an-a-half property comes in Canada’s beautiful Laurentian Mountains come complete with a log cabin, beach front and small boat at amazing price. The price of the Island is at amazing price. The Island is also heart shape and one of the beautiful Islands in the world. The cottage in the Island has every access to basic needs like internet, television and much more.

heart shape Islands
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Trnovačko Lake – Montenegro

Trnovacko Lake lies in Montenegro are flanked with the Mountains all over it. It is approximately about 2,300 feet long and 1,300 feet wide. Once you reach here the local people will welcome you nicely.

People can swim and have a nice bath and relax there. Capture all the scenic beauty and views in your camera and you will not be able keep down your camera even for a minute as there are so many views that you would want to take along with you.

So, these are some of the heart shape Islands around the world that you must visit and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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