Airports that have Best Food Around the World

Air journey can be pretty much tiring and even though we get good food on flight but some people don’t find comfortable having food while travelling to any place. For some people food and travel is life and without this they can’t survive. 

After a tiring travelling people look for a great place to have meals once they deboard the flight. So, there are a lot of Airports who offer a vast range of delicious food in the Airports and they are pleased to make you have some of their famous and known dishes.

Each outlet that I will be mentioning here has some or the other best dishes that you should definitely try if you will travel any of these places next time. So, let’s begin with the list of the Airports that have the best food around the globe.

Airports that have the best food
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Hong Kong International Airport

This is one of the Airports that have the best food and there is a restaurant in the Hong Kong International Airport Saboten is very famous restaurant inside the airport. You will get everything from fried pork cutlet to meaty tenderloin dish which is really famous in Japan and loved by the people of the country.

In our view, Japan airport scored 4.15 out of 5 stars and they are selling every single penny worth spending. You won’t find many bad places to eat in this airport and the consistency in good reviews is remarkable.

No matter where you are going but if you are you have a stoppage at Hong Kong Airport then do try this outlet once as it’s affordable and serves the best authentic dishes.

Airports that have the best food
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Gatwick Airport

The good food chain is in Gatwick Airport, London and the name of the restaurant is Comptoir Libanais –  a firm favorite on the London food scene – got a big thumbs up from my side and you will get everything here from dips to savory flatbreads.

We will give Gatwick 4 out of 5 stars in terms of everything – quality, service and tasty food they serve. It is said that they have a wide team and helpful staff.

So, if you are flying to London any time soon then do eat here and the outlet serves the authentic food of America.

Airports that have the best food
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Munich Airport

The Airport has one of the best restaurants named Airbrau. It is said that it is bit expensive and serves great food in taste along with the giant sausages and generous serving of cabbage, the spot is also known for being home to one of the world’s only airport breweries.

We give Airbrau 3.5 out of 5 stars because firstly it is expensive not everyone could eat here and secondly, there are not much dishes but whatever they serve is world class. It is considered second highest in prices among the airports in the ranking.

Airports that have the best food
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Narita International Airport

The airport is located in Tokyo, the famous outlet there is Sushiden eatery deemed the best place to dine. You must have understood the specialty of the restaurant name as Sushiden – they serve the world’s best shushi there.

We give the outlet 3.5 out of 5 stars according to the quality of the food and taste. You can get all the Japanese dishes here but it is famous for Sushi mainly. 

Airports that have the best food
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Changi Airport

This is one of the Airports that have the best food and the airport is in Singapore and the famous outlet for its dishes is Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine restaurant. The outlet deals with some mouth-watering dishes including classic sweet and sour pork and braised fish.

 We rate the restaurant 4 as it serves very good quality of food and sushi is very delicious as it is the main cuisine which they concentrate the most. The airport shines with its best outlet which travelers can experience while dinning at Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine.  

Airports that have the best food
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Amsterdam Airport Schipol

Bowery restaurant is famous in Amsterdam airport which bagged fifth place in the best restaurants around the globe in airport. They serve wide range of authentic Singapori dishes and also have the best quality and maintain world class hygiene.

We give this airport 4 out of 5 stars for its hygiene and top quality of food they serve to their customers on a daily basis. The best part is that this outlet gives all kinds of foods ranging from cheap to luxurious. It is also one of the top most airports to eat.

Airports that have the best food
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Frankfurt Airport

It is also one of the most expensive outlets in airports and the famous outlet is Paulaner in the Squarie. This place will fill you with joy and happiness and lies at the 11th place.

 It is a German outlet serving the authentic German cuisine. We give this restaurant 3.5 out 5 stars because of its food authenticity and hygiene. It also has casual atmosphere with great hospitality.  

So, these are some Airports that have the best food and if you travel any of these in future please go to these restaurants and please share your experience in the comment’s section below and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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