AirPods Hacks To Take The Best Out Of Them

Apple has never failed at shocking us with its new inventions and the same reaction was in 2016 when they introduced AirPods in the tech market. This was a revolutionary change in the entire history of earphones and surely an unexpected one.

The purpose to create such a product was to completely eradicate the frustration among the users due to those annoying wires in the earphone, making it even more easier to use and carry along. Wired earphones are often blamed to interrupt the movement of its user and this was issue clearly kept in minds while designing the Apple AirPods. They claim to give a complete restriction-free experience to their users, along with the privacy benefits.

Everyone now a days tend to love them and why not, they are easy, convenient and stylish. Even though AirPods come with their own needs and restrictions, we have got you some amazing life hacks to shape this product according to your needs.

hack for AirPods
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Call Announcement

AirPods gives you the privilege to walk around freely, even when you are on a call there is no need to take out that phone from your pocket at times when your hands are busy. But the only problem with this is you don’t clearly get to know who is calling you while you are attending the calls in AirPods. This is a very useful hacks for AirPods.
According to a site LifeHacker, this hack will help you set-up the call announcement to ease your labour here. Go to the setting option in your connected device and more to Announce Calls (Phone section). Switch to the ‘headphone’ option and you’re done!
Now, from the very next time, you’ll get to know who is calling with the name as saved inside your contact book.

hack for AirPods
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Use Them With Non Apple-Devices

According to a site LifeHacker, you can use AirPods with non-apple devices. All you have to do is just follow these few steps. Put your AirPods in its charging case then hold down the flat button which is in the back side, alongside opening the lid. When the light will begin to flash white it means the device is ready to pair. Next step is to find the AirPod in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and just pair it with together.
And Voila!! You are all set to go. This is a very useful hack for AirPods

P.S. – Because it is an Apple product, it will work best with the Apple devices, though you can enjoy a lower version of it with your android phone.
Also, it can lose functionality a few time, just have some patience for that time.

Make Them Your Earrings

This DIY went viral in January 2019 where a girl wore the AirPods just like an earring.

Double Tap Command

One of the major reason AirPods are so familiar and popular because it minimizes the amount of labour their users have to invest. Double tap command is one of the best discoveries so far. It allows you to perform many activities even without touching your phone. But what if we tell you, you can customize the double commands too?
According to LifeHacker, you can use this for many other purposes rather than just calling Siri. Go to your connected device’s Bluetooth option – my devices, go to my devices and tap the ‘i’ option.
Next, double tap on AirPods and then customize it your way. This is a very useful hack for AirPods.

Hack For A Phone Stand

Do you know the AirPods cover can be used as a Phone stand too? Yes, all you need to do is just open the case and turn it flat, i.e. horizontally and you’re all set to use it. This is a very useful hack for AirPods.

hack for AirPods
Pic Courtesy – Simple Store Malaysia

Check The Battery

It’s always important to check the battery so that you can fully charge it before it dies. Gear Patrol provides you with a hack to help you with the same. Just add the battery icon on your ‘Today’s view icon.
This is a very useful hack for AirPods.

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