Adorably Cute And Easy DIY Ideas For Your Small Room

Decorating a small room can be difficult. People often don’t initiate such a habit as they think it will end up making the room look even bulkier and heavy. But that is just not the case. If done properly, your small room can also give you a feel of paradise. So, don’t let the size of your room stop you. Here are a few adorable DIY hacks for your small room.

DIY hacks

1. Mount Racks On The Wall

While decorating the small rooms, the first tip is to not take a lot of space. Mounting a small drying rack inside your house can be a good idea for drying clothes. Just pull them out when you want to dry your clothes else it can be fixed with the wall giving a look of the window.

DIY hacks

2. Save The Space Of Almirah And Make A Clothing Rack

Wardrobes and almirah take a lot of space and when the room is small in size, they can give a claustrophobic experience. So, switch that vintage cloth storing habit with this new and modern clothing rack. You can also extend the length of the rack depending upon the quantity of clothes you have. Isn’t it a good alternative?

DIY hacks

3. Build Shelf Above The Door

Why leave any space when you can utilize it in a better way? Usually the above part of the door is left untouched but it can be used is a more productive way. Just build a shelf above it and voila! You got an extra space to keep things.

DIY hacks

4. Folding Desk / Dinner Table

Now a days, folding dinner or computer table are becoming very popular. The take up a lot less space and can be fixed inside the wall very easily so that you can use the space for other work later.

DIY hacks

5. Replace Centre table with Storage Ottoman

Why have ordinary centre tables when you can put most of your small stuff there? Next DIY hack is to remove your boring centre table. A Storage ottoman is a perfect alternative for your vintage table. Put all those stuff inside and you can still use it as a table.

DIY hacks

6. Cup As Organizing Tool

Fix different size of cups into walls by drilling and YEY! Now you got a lot of space to keep your makeup stuffs including brush, lipsticks and what now. Just hand them with precision so that they are not loose. These DIY hacks will help you a with a perfect organizer for different things, like stationary, spoons etc.

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