7 Tips For A More Organised Purse

Women Purse, which is considered one of the most ‘vague object’ in this whole world, it is like you never know what might come out of it. Though its quite easy to say, “why do you have to carry so much?” but trust me each and everything which is inside has a purpose to be there. All you need to know is when and where. You know they say that a woman can fit almost a universe in her purse?

Everyone who carries a purse knows how difficult it is to carry them with such a load. Additionally, it also causes muscle imbalance and harms your tissues (not to forget the bonus neck pain and back pain). You will end up having anxiety every time you try to find something in that cluttered mess.
Omitting things out of a bag is way more difficult than it sounds. It seems like everything god damn thing is important. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

Here are 7 tips you must follow in order to have a more uncluttered and organised purse.

Take out all stuff and divide them into a different category

organised purse
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This may seem time-consuming but trust me this is a very important part if you want an organised purse. Take out everything, rubber bands, clips, charger, makeup and divide them into their respective groups. Keep them in special pouches or in separate pockets. This way you’ll know what to take where. Also, finding things in need will be easy.

Always carry a small wallet

There are end numbers of wallet available in the market which are both, useful and efficient. They save a lot of space in the bag. When you don’t carry a wallet along and try to fit everything in that huge, cluttered handbag, you are likely to experience embarrassment. In need, you will not get anything. You can miss your train because the metro card is lost somewhere in the bag, you can cause trouble in a huge high line because you forgot where you have kept the money and so on.
Sounds scary right?
So keep yourself sorted by carrying a small wallet and fit in all your ATM card, cash, credit card etc.

Remove old/ expiry products

Make this a habit. Keep refreshing your products with new versions and make sure to throw away the old one. Your handbag is not garbage bin, don’t treat it like that.
Food bills, bus/ train tickets, used grocery lists, parking receipts, make sure you throw all of them away after they are being used. This way you will have an even more organised purse.

Headphone and the Charger

organised purse
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Nothing in this whole world can be more irritation than the tangled headphones and phone charger wires. They can raise your anxiety at another level. And of course, you cannot leave them at home too. They are surely a mandatory part of your travel.
Instead of keeping it directly into your purse, tie them up and keep them in a sunglass/ spectacles box. They’ll stay sorted forever!!

Get rid of those “JUST IN CASE” items

Umbrellas, diary, books, a whole ton of pen, a flashlight and so on. What are you suppose to do these things while heading to a lunch or dinner night? Stop having this ‘Just in case’ thoughts while adding things to your bag. They’ll only unnecessarily fill up all the space in your bag. So leave these things at home.

Opt for purses with more pockets

Choosing a perfect handbag is a difficult task but while buying one you must make sure they have enough compartments or pockets for you to keep your stuff. Bags with just a single huge compartment or merely one zip will make your things mix around. Your bag will be cluttered. So instead to wasting time finding what you need from the stack of unsorted things, take out time to find the purse which you feel is ‘the one’ for you. This way you will have an even more organised purse.
Remember, more pockets = less anxiety.

organised purse
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Additional pouch for smaller items

Items like safety pins, band-aids, lip balm are a must-haves while you go out somewhere but finding them in that cluttered stack (your handbag) may not be easy. Instead of just dropping them in your purse, consider buying a separate small pouch of it.

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