7 Things Your Partner Is Dying To Hear From You Regularly

When a relationship has seen quite a long time together, it is easy to take things for granted. But if you want your relationship to work for long, there are some things you must consider telling your partner on a daily basis. Such a habit makes them feel deeply adored and loved.

Relationships nowadays are more in a busy phase. Couples get very less amount of time to actually sit and converse with each other. In some time, small compliments and promising phrases are all that is needed to improve a relationship and make it work.

So here is a perfect list of things that your partner is dying to hear from you on a regular basis.

things you must consider telling your partner
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1. “I Love You”

Initial years of a relationship, when you are in your ‘honeymoon phase’ you often say these words 100 times a day. But as time passes by many couples often forget/ skip saying it for days. But it is very important to make your partner realize that there is someone who loves them more than anything. These 3 words are the classic way to do it. This is one of the major things you must consider telling your partner.

2. “Your Opinion Matters”

It’s important to tell your partner that you respect their opinions. Holding onto once individuality is very important in order to have a strong relationship. So, whether it is about buying a small pin or big decisions, you must respect your partner’s say in it. Tell them that their choices, opinions do matter.

things you must consider telling your partner
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3. “You Look Great Today”

You just can’t go wrong with this one. Everyone loves to be appreciated and when it comes to how they look, its jackpot!!
Always highlight it when you think your partner is looking great. Not just for your relationship, it is equally important for their self- esteem. When they get such compliments, their confidence also increases. So make sure to point out that they look great today and can slay anything.
Also, such small talks make the other person realize that you are paying attention towards them, thus in your relationship too. So, this is one of the major things you must consider telling your partner.

4. “I Am So Lucky I Found You”

Sometimes when things are not going well, its the duty of both the couples to work on the problems. Stay together and find a solution.
Make sure to remind your partner how lucky you feel because they are in your life. Yeah! actions are fone but sometimes it is really very important to portray your feeling verbally. A forehead kiss and telling them “I am so lucky I found you” will make there day.

things you must consider telling your partner
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5. “We Will Do What You Want”

Just because you both have to spend a lot of time together just doesn’t mean it OK to always ‘assume’ things about the other partner. What they want to eat, where they want to go, all these things must be always asked verbally instead of assuming their answer.
Always let them respond to your questions and then do what they want to do. It is possible that they want something else at some point to time, which is not usual or opposite to what you are expecting. So, give them time and listen to what they want.

6. “I Am Proud Of You, My Love

Let your partner know how proud you are of them regularly. Make them realize that they don’t have to do something grand for your appreciation. Small things like distributing the work or comforting you while stress days is enough to grab your heart and attention.
Just be their cheerleader and support them in every achievement and goal they fulfill. this will make them feel that their hard work is not going unnoticed so this is one of the major things you must consider telling your partner.

things you must consider telling your partner
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7. “I Missed You”

Separates jobs, strict deadlines, harsh timings, and crazy boss, all these things just suck all the life out of you and so do to your partner. But some words are like just like a nector. They work as a medicine to tackle the stress in one’s life. You should often tell your partner how much you are missing them, while during work hours (just text them) or when they come back home. Tell them how lonely you feel without them.
This shows how much you appreciate their presence and that your world is empty if they are not around. It is very important to appreciate others and their appearance in your life.

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