7 Hygiene Products You Shouldn’t Compromise With

Hygiene is a very important practice one must keep in order to stay safe and secure from any disease. Cleanliness is a very important part of life for human body and one should always maintain it. I mean who will feel comfortable around someone who stinks? no one.

No matters whether you are a man or a woman, personal hygiene is a need for both, irrespective of the gender. Make sure you are clean and groomed. By doing this you are keeping yourself as well as others around you away from acquiring any illness whatsoever.

Though there is end number of hygiene products available in the markets, it’s unnecessary to buy tons. A few with right ingredients and proper utilization is enough to keep you safe and healthy for the whole day.

Here are some of the most important hygiene products which you just shouldn’t compromise.

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1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are the best alternatives when you have no time to take shower. It helps you in absorbing all the dirt and oil from your scalp and makes your hair look oil free. Also, a good dry shampoo doesn’t make the head feel heavy and makes it look like as if there is no product inside the hair at all. So no need to forcefully take shower, dry shampoo is just the perfect substitute to it.

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2. Deodorant

Deodorants are one the most important and non negotiable hygiene products for anyone and everyone. It helps you in removing that stinking gross smell from your body leaving you with pleasant and soothing fragrance.

But if you are fed up with the white stains on your clothes and the wetness issue from your old deodorant, it’s actually high time to switch it. Roll-on deodorants are new and better alternatives which are actually getting way more popular than those with the gases. Filled with the ‘quick dry’ formula, Roll-on is a ‘dye and gluten free’ product which will not irritate your body parts at all.

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3. Make Up Remover

Who doesn’t love doing makeup? We all do. And if love is not the motive then pressure from outer world to look “pretty” is enough to motivate you to run those hairy brushes around your face. No matter what the reason is, you are bound to do it. And the makeup sector is now not just limited to the female part of the society but males are also equally into it.

But the worst mistake you all do is not removing the makeup properly before sleeping. Makeup removal is as important as washing your hand filled with dirt. If not taken seriously, make residue can make you face full of pimples and acne. So, make sure you use a makeup remover for every last trace of the makeup on your face next time.

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4. Toothpaste

The most underestimated yet important part is Oral hygiene, which most of you tend to ignore. Also if you have a habit of drinking coffee, soda and other such high sugar concentrated drinks. Frequent brushing helps you in keeping away that most embarrassing bad breath.

But don’t follow every toothpaste advertisement you come across who promise to whiten your teeth. Toothpaste only works in cleaning your teeth. Opt for the one which has good ingredients and uses a soft bristle brush along.
Also consider flossing as equally important for oral hygiene.

5. Hand Sanitizer

You come in contact with innumerable germs in your whole day, while traveling, at your workplace your school, inside cinema halls, everywhere. These germs very conveniently reach your inside body while you eat something using your hands, giving you numerous diseases like stomach pain etc.

Washing hand with soap is not always possible and that’s why you must always carry a hand sanitizer along wherever you go.  Sanitizers are alcohol based liquid which helps in cleaning your hands by killing all the micro organisms (germs).  Use them properly before and after your meal to avoid getting any illness. They are most helpful while travelling.

6. Sanitary Pads/ Tampons

Time has gone when your ancestors used clothes and other such material during menstrual period. Nowadays there are end numbers of better and more helpful products available in the market which are more hygienic is nature. To suit the bus life of women, tampons and sanitary pads are best aiding their situation. So it’s high time to change those unhealthy alternatives and opt for these.

7. Nail Cutters

Last but not the least, Nail Cutters. Proper trimmed nails are a great sign of how hygienic you are. They are a major house for germs and bacteria, thus nails need appropriate care and cleanliness too. Cut and shape them filers at apt intervals and also scrub them to make sure there is no dirt left inside.

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