7 Habits That Are Turning Your Healthy Marriage Into A Divorce

Divorce is heartbreaking yet the number is increasing with time. If you look closely to the facts and reason that forces a relationship in such a harsh situation, you will realize that it is often the small mistakes which create a big feud. These little problems grow into a big one with time ultimately affecting a marriage very heavily.

Sometimes couples do many things without realizing how badly it will affect the partner and end up hurting or disappointing them to a huge extent. Such incidents tamper the trust, healthy environment and most importantly feelings of the partner.

If you already know how to detect issues in your marriage, great. You must work towards the direction to never do it again. But if you don’t, we have got you a few habits which you must ignore at any cost to save your healthy marriage from the divorce.

reason for divorce
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1. Stop Prioritizing The Technology

It is no more hidden talk as to how badly new technology has affected individuals and relationships. Social media platforms, gadgets and what not, all these things have to lead to a very less amount of ‘us time’. Both partners are anyway busy with their chores the whole day and once they are home, they use their time exploiting the technology.

If you have this habit, its high time you stop doing it as it is a prime reason for divorce nowadays. Make a “no cell phone at home” rule. Keep gadget away while you are at home and try to spend more time with your spouse.

2. Being A Bad Listener

Listening is an art. Especially when you are in a marriage it is very important not just to speak but also listen to what others have to say about it. When you ignore listening to what your spouse has to say you often end up making them feel ridiculous and ignored. This habit is very dangerous and can erode the marriage to its core.

So, next time learn to listen first what the other person has got to say.z Learn to respect their talk.

3. No More Deep Talks

Being in a marriage is way more than discussing the apartment’s rent, groceries bills or children homework. Do you also feel that you have stopped having a deep conversation with your partner?

If the answer is Yes, it is a red flag. This can be a reason for divorce. A healthy marriage demands both of the partners share all they have got. More deep and intimate talks increase the amount of trust and love your relationship holds.

4. Continuously Rejecting Your Partner’s Choice

Disagreeing with your partner’s choice is acceptable when it is done in a limit. Saying ‘no’ to everything and every time is surely not a good habit. It can demoralize them and make them question their own requirements and needs.

Anyway, what is more important, a stupid object or your marriage? Just learn to agree sometimes even when you don’t like it by heart. Just remember you are making your spouse happy, isn’t that enough?

reason for divorce
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5. Always Calling Out Their Fault

When you stay with someone for a long period of time, it is obvious that you will come across their mistakes. But every time pointing it out or criticizing them at every step is not a good habit. If you want your marriage to work longer, you’ll have to learn to ignore mistakes sometimes.

Learn to be positive with situations. If they forgot to do something or made a mistake, instead of shouting be an angel and you fix it up. It is ok to let things sometimes.

6. No “US” Time

Yeah, it is difficult with so much work and stress in your life, taking out free time is sometimes not possible. But that’s not how marriages work. Not giving enough time is a prime reason for divorce. Don’t assume that just because you both live in the same house, you know about each other.

“Us time” is very crucial in order to have a better bonding in the marriage. If possible plan a date every now and then. Make your partner feel special and loved. Cuddle around, watch move together do all that you used to do before marriage. Don’t let work or any other thing spoil your precious relationship.

7. “The Silent Treatment”

If you are mad at your partner, it is okay to take some time off. But this silent treatment is not going to serve anyone. Continuously ignoring your partner or cutting the conversation because you want to continue with this silent treatment is no cool.

Instead, talk to each other, handle stuff like adults, not some 2nd-grade kid. talk and don’t let the situation come up next time. Hidden emotions is always a reason for divorce and usually results in reducing the love and eroding the relationship.

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