7 Body Language Signs That Reveal He’s Totally Into You

The most annoying thing in a relationship is when both couples don’t portray any signals about what exactly they have to say about each other. But do you know, some unconscious body language signs are way too expressing then actually words.

Here are few body language signs you must check in order to confirm that your guy is totally into you.

body language signs

1. He rise up his eyebrows when he sees you

When people raise their eyebrow while looking at something, it’s a clear sign that they are completely interest in that. Similarly if you man is making his eyebrows high ever time he gets a glimpse of you, he is super excited about your presence.

2. That Deep Breath

Of course, oxygen is important! But we are talking about that subconscious deep breath which we all take while looking at something we were dying to. If he also makes such unconscious body language, it’s a sign that he was eagerly waiting to meet you.

body language signs

4. Tucking your hair behind ears

Initiating a physical contact under the camouflage of complimenting you or as a helping hand, maybe a test to see how you react to that touch. Touch can be used as a way to test your comfort level. This may be the case when the guy in only interested in sex, but we do have exception, don’t we?

If he is carefully tucking your hair behind your ears or might pull you firmly to his side, these signs clearly show he likes to be closer to you.

4. His eyes are glues to your face

Everyone nowadays is so busy with their phones, they barely get time to greet each other properly. But if your man finds it difficult to peel off his eyes from you, his body language sign is entirely revealing he is totally into you.

body language signs

So, next time make sure to check if he is spending most of your interaction looking at your face or somewhere else.

5. Pressing his palm against you while holding hands.

If he initiates touching fingers or hand, that’s kinda cute! A complete hand-holding can be a sign of his craving to connect. Same is when you interlock fingers! If he insists on pressing them softly, that means he likes your touch.

6. His voice automatically changes around you

If he is totally into you, the change in his voices becomes evident. You feel him lowering down his tone in front of you that means he is trying to portray that he is shutting down his guards and can become vulnerable for you.

body language signs

7. Walking beside you

We all have a different pace when it comes to walking. But if he is putting extra efforts to walk beside you and not forward, that means he is concerned about you. Boys often don’t do that, they prefer walking in their own, even when it is less walking and more running. If you man is making sure you both walk together, these body language signs reveal that he’s totally into you.

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