6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog Today

Rescuing changes lives of not only the dog , but the person who adopts the dog as well. It is an experience which is unlike anything else and it also affects the lives of other dogs , as you make space in shelters who can now have space to get other abandoned dogs in their care.

Here we list a few of the many reasons to explain how beneficial it is to get a rescued pet home :

1. You get the chance to save a life

Save a dog

Shelters are teeming with abandoned , sick and helpless dogs , waiting for the chance for a better life.  A lot of shelters do not have infrastructure to take care of the number of dogs that they might have inflowing and thus a huge number of these pets are euthanized. If you adopt instead of buying, you literally save a life.

2. You can adopt an older dog and save a lot of labor

adopt dog

Training a puppy is a lot of hard-work ( not to mention the additional economic cost of first vaccinations , sterilization etc. ) An adult dog in a shelter is already house-trained , and most probably sterilized. Their behavioral aspects and special needs are already known and thus you can pick out one that is most compatible with your needs and lifestyle.

3. You put a stop to puppy mills

stop puppy mills

Commercial dog breeding is an extremely cruel industry and rarely follows ethics . The puppies that are churned out often have genetic and health problems . Their parents are kept in cages and exploited. The easiest way to stop these would be to put an end to the demand for these commercially-bred puppies.

4. You experience Joy like never before

happy dogs

It is an indescribable feeling to be a part of seeing the rescued dog’s journey back into being a happy ball of fur. Rescued dogs love you, are grateful and just love the joy of being with their humans , and will value your company a lot.

5. Bringing home a pet has health benefits

health benefits with dog

Living with a pet makes life more beautiful and has clinically been proven to have a positive affect on mental health. It can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels , and their cute faces provide free therapy. You always have someone to keep you company and will never feel lonely again , especially when you’re eating.

6.You become more active and social


When you adopt a pet , they become a part of your daily schedule. Taking them on walks , playing fetch and going hiking with them make you a more active person. You find new friendships with other dog parents and visits to the dog park make you get in touch with nature.

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