6 Blunders Even The Healthiest Traveler Make On Their trip

Staying healthy on a trip is a very important part and is something one shouldn’t ignore at any cost. Of course, you would want to utilize that hard earned money to see the landscapes and taste numerous dishes instead of lying sick in the hotel room around the vacation.

Nowadays staying healthy is not that a difficult task because of the support you receive from the means of transport you choose or the hotel that you stay in. They offer all sorts of healthy food and sanitized accommodation which lowers down the risk of getting sick on the tip to an almost minimal amount.

Even though after so much of safety and sanity people do get sick and end up ruining all of their vacations by paying hospital bills. So whether you are going on a solo trip or with a bunch of friends, here are some things you must avoid doing for staying healthy on a trip.

staying healthy on a trip
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Consuming Airplane Snacks

Even though these aircraft companies claim that their food is best in the world, the reality is not that identical. Most of the food that is served on planes is dry, heavily salted, roasted, sugared or just cheap refined carbohydrates. In order to save few bucks such companies plate these food with preservatives so that they last longer, however unhealthy for the eater. So it’s always better to skip those. Rather opt for fresh and healthy fruits if you want and if you can take along them with you, even better.

staying healthy on a trip
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Consuming Alcohol Beverages / Soda On The Plane

When you leave your native place anyways your immune system is the most bothered part of your body. By consuming soda or alcoholic beverages you are only going to piss them even more. So, it’s better to stay away from such drinks which will only make you feel more terrible and will ruin your whole trip. Instead, drink water (without ice please!). Saving a bit here is only going to benefit you during the trip.
Next time when that trolley passes your seat, just sip a glass of water and calm down your nerves. Staying healthy on a trip is easy, just follow these steps while travelling.

staying healthy on a trip
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Missing Out The Exercise Part

Trips and vacations do act as a barrier for your meditation, yoga or workout schedule. Because you are enjoying, you often forget about your routine and end up spoiling all that handwork you have been doing on your body since a very long time.
Next time before going on a trip make a schedule for your workout of meditation. Instead of being a lazy ass learn to stick to your goals. Also because of the exercising, you’ll feel more energized on the whole trip. Surprisingly this also helps you in countering jet lags.

staying healthy on a trip
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Not Bringing Snacks

Never ever forget to pack your own snacks when you heading towards somewhere. They are a perfect companion for busy traffic, runways or even when you are hungry but not that much. Always keep eatables with you when you are on a vacation. This is one of the most important in the list of staying healthy on a trip.

staying healthy on a trip
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Forgo To Research About The Destination

Most people just plan a visit because they heard about a place from someone and now they too want to have the same experience. Either due to a rush situation or even purposely most people tend to ignore the research part while planning a trip. This attitude is only going to land you in deep trouble when you actually reach your destination.
The first and foremost thing one should keep in mind while planning a trip is the ‘research’. Spend as much time as you can in checking about the weather, food, climate, hospitality and anything and everything which you think can be necessary information.

staying healthy on a trip
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Going In A Group Of People With Unhealthy Habits

Your surrounding affects you the most. Depending upon the people with whom you are going on a vacation, either they’ll save you or will land you in deep trouble. Staying safe on a trip demands going with such people who are trustworthy and mature enough to handle problems and of course those who have healthy habits. Whether it is about food or sanitation, you must surround yourself with healthy people as ultimately you’ll end up being like them on the whole trip.
In which group you are, affects the major part of your perception and behaviour pattern. So if you are more into healthy and ‘no carbs’ diet food, make sure you are also around the same people while on a vacation.

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