5 Hollywood Movies You Can’t Afford To Miss In This Lifetime

Movies are not just limited to being a form of entertainment but are also become a legitimate source of information and preaching. The role of cinema in people’s life has evolved with time and so has the genres. Though you might have come across many idiotic movies with those over the top, sugarcoated plot and non-realistic screenplay at the same time Hollywood has gifted us many gems in cinema. And we must not forget to appreciate those. So, here is a list of some exceptional movies you just can’t afford to miss in this life.

 can't afford to miss


Titanic has done an exceptional job in displaying the innocent yet passionate love story between the two protagonists. There are uncountable reasons for it being the first in my list. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starring, this movie was made public in the year 1997 and was directed by James Cameron. The plot revolved around the fictionalized incident happened with RMS Titanic in 1912 romantic story of 2 passengers on a ship and a disastrous climax. Everything about this movie is just phenomenal. Whether its exceptional direction and screenplay or the incomparable acting. And you just can’t afford to miss it.

 can't afford to miss


Christopher Nolan has showered his audiences with the best. Inception is again one of his masterpieces you just can’t afford to miss. The plot revolves around a bunch of thieves. They are hired by a Chinese businessman to steal the secret by infiltrating into an individual’s dream. The cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed one of their best performances till date. It’s a treat to your eyes that you can’t afford to miss.

 can't afford to miss


When we hear Marvels, we know it is going to be a blast. Deadpool has apparently broken the box office by breaching the monotony of heroic characters you all are watching since childhood. This hero got a badass attitude!. Though Ryan Reynolds has played quite hilarious heroic characters in the past but in this movie, he makes sure not to repeat it again. The R-rated movie has everything one can ever think of doing and of course, you can enjoy the cameo of X- Men.

 can't afford to miss


It’s not that I’m obsessed with Christopher Nolan but this guy has literally contributed a lot towards the film industry. He has given us magnum opus and Interstellar is one of them. The movie is one of the best sci-fi cinemas the world has seen so far and you can’t afford to miss this one. Whether we talk about the music, SFX, VFX or anything, Interstellar has been crafted with the best hands. Secondly, the movie is unique with its plot. Along with the entertainment, it gives you a vital treat to space stuff. This movie is a cult classic in my opinion. So just watch it.

 can't afford to miss

The Godfather

The Godfather series is a classic saga and considered one of the best movies till date. Even though the parts are quite huge in duration and film is a bit slow paced, the awe-inspiring dialogues and the intense plot will only make you end up asking for even more. And of course Al Pacino. So, no need to say anything more.

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