5 Best Apps To Check The Air Quality Around You

Have you ever thought about the air that you breathe? Is it even pure enough to inhale? While there are many government agencies working continuously working in order to monitor pollution conditions around the city, there are many air quality apps that bring in the information about the air quality right on your fingertips.

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Understanding the air quality of your city is very crucial because you are getting exposed to it. Bad quality air has a direct effect on your body and can give you some serious health issues. According to a report by the World Health Organisation, the complication can be as high as stroke, cancer, and many heart diseases. It is just like inhaling cigarette smoke or tobacco air.

So, here are a few air quality apps that will help you check the air quality around you.

1. AirMatters

The app was founded in 2011 and provides a real-time weather report, condition, alerts and air quality on a global level. The app can be purchased by both Android and IOS users in their phone. One of the best features this app has is that you can connect these air quality apps with the air purifier you have at your home.

2. BreezoMeter Air Quality Index

The one in the list of air purifier apps is BreezoMeter Air Quality Index. This app provides details of air quality of several locations in a real-time to its users. The data is collected from thousands of government agencies and their data stick and is made available to the users. It provides 100% accurate information and is trustworthy to use if you are planning to go out of your house. The app is available on both, apple store and android.

3. Air Quality Index Near Me

As the name suggests, this app uses your location through GPS of your phone and provides you with all the information about air quality and the pollution level.
This app is not for Apple users. It is only available on Play Store and for Android users. The app pulls out the information from nearby measuring stations and brings out all of it at your fingertips in seconds.

4. Sh**t! I Smoke

This app is quite different than the others which are mentioned above. Instead of showing you the exact weather report and pollution condition it works in a more creative way. The Sh**t app measures the amount of pollution and then calculates in the amount of cigarette smoke. So, technically you get to know the pollution in a particular place but as a measurement of cigarette smoke.

5. Blueair Friend

It is produced by the makers of Blueair purifiers. The app provides you with accurate and reliable data of more than 150 countries with on-time air condition and pollution level. This app has the capacity to pull out the information from 2500+ air quality measuring stations and is very accurate in nature.
The app is accessible to all Android and Apple users and is free. You can download it from Appstore or PlayStore in your respective devices.

6. Plume Lab’s AIR

The next one in the list of air quality apps is AIR that uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to gather all the weather data and air quality condition. It also brings you the bar of pollution level. AIR not just brings you the information about your native city but about many other areas around you. So, if you are planning a vacation or traveling to some other place, you can use this app to get a fair knowledge of air quality and can prepare yourself in advance.
This app is available for Android users and iPhone users as well. It is free of cost and you can download it on your devices via App Store and Play Store.

7. AirVisual

The last one in the list of air quality apps is AirVisual. This app has the capability of not just checking the outside air quality but it also gives you information about indoor pollution. It also has the notification facility which beeps after a certain range of air pollutants are tracked by the app. It also gives you the facility of customizing the app where you can provide the data of your health conditions and you’ll receive a frequent alert about air quality.
This app is also free for both iPhone and Android users and they can download it from the App Store or Play Store.

The world is changing. More and more industries are being made. Number of cars in every house are getting increased. The condition of air is deteriorating day by day. Ozone layer, pollution all these issues have began to cause serious issues to human kind. Thus, it is very important that these concerns are taken seriously. These apps are quite useful for you. The provide you an additional protection layer. So you one should have at least one among them in their mobile phones and should plan accordingly if they are going out.

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