4 Most Common Yet Solvable Issues In A Relationship

Every relationship is different in its own way. They have their own style of sharing love and problems. According to experts, there are 4 most common issues in a relationship that you will have to face it.

A healthy relationship demands a lot of things – patience, love, respect and most importantly your willingness to stay together no matter how tough the situation gets. How much you love each other is visible at times when you are irritated and pissed with each other. That’s exactly where most of the couples part their ways. They forget to understand that a relationship is not just about love but also efforts.

If you stay together and even if you don’t, there are some situations that will surely try to shadow your relationship happy environment. This includes work, money, lack of time and many more. Tackling such situations need rock-solid understanding between the couples. And when you sail your boat through such difficult situations, trust me you are making your bond stronger and deeper like never before.

Here is a short and precise list of issues in a relationship which demands your additional efforts and understanding.

common issues in a relationship
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1. Distractions

Now a day’s couples are so much distracted that they barely get time to meet each other. And even when they do, most of their time is wasted discussing irrelevant and stupid questions. Conversing over grocery list, how to manage the house, who will buy the furniture and that entire thing, is discussed when it’s the time to cherish their love. Such habits are common issues in a relationship but can often make couples feel ditched and isolated.

That’s not it. Thanks to this ‘digital age’ which has fulfilled all the other left possibility for a couple to have a romantic time. Young ones now days are so busy chatting and scrolling social media sites that they barely mark their physical presence.

Now let’s talk about how to tackle such situations. If your partner is continuously complaining about your phone addiction, you are being 24/7 on your phone, you must introspect then. And that they are feeling not loved or isolated, it’s high time that you take it seriously. In such situations, just sit down with them and make a time table. Make a list of how much time you should give it to your phone. And they must mutually accept it. If it is not acceptable for them, you better alter that list. Go on dates, make meals together, go for a walk. Do such things more often. Make each other feel loved.

common issues in a relationship
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2. Work Stress At Home

You have a deadline which has made you full of anxiety. You are working on it even at home. And your partner is hungry because there is no food (because you forgot to get the groceries). Such situations can result in big clashes. So, instead of getting onto each other nerves you should ask them what is wrong. Bringing homework and having a fight over it is only going to sabotage your love and relationship.

The solution here is simple. Talk to each other about their work. How was their day? What is bothering them? Try to console your partner and if you can help them with their work. Make them feel you are there to help. Don’t be rude and fight back because they are no giving you any time. It’s that time when they desperately need your love and not anger. Such common issues in a relationship demand patience and calm behaviour.

common issues in a relationship
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3. Money

Money may seem insignificant but it is one of the most common areas for a couple to fight. What to spend, where to spend, how much to spend? All these questions can create a lot of conflict in a healthy relationship. So, in order to have a healthy relationship you much balance every aspect of it and money is one of them.
Thus, take out time and make a proper budget of what and how much are you going to spend the dollars on. Be specific and rigid. Prioritize your spending and make sure you stick to it with full dedication.

common issues in a relationship
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4. Household Chores

Issues are for sure going to shadow your relationship if there is a lack of proper household work management. One may feel unimportant, disrespected and unsupportive if they are left to do all the household chores while the other person is just wandering around. This will lead you to an unsatisfied relationship.
Such cases are quite prominent with men. They either extend or ten to ignore the work and leave it up to their partner. Instead, you must converse with your partner and make a mutual split of the work. While he is cooking, you can do the dishes. Car cleaning, finances, bringing the groceries, cleaning and all such common issues in a relationship must be divided among the partners to save you from a toxic relationship.

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