4 Most Anticipated Whatsapp Features Are Coming

Whatsapp has changed our lives forever. Its speed and cost efficiency has helped in reducing all sorts of barriers among the people. It is the best solution when you feel like chatting with your loved ones and that is the reason millions of users trust this platform for their day to day use. To keep the trust and interest intact, WhatsApp is also consistent with its duty of providing their users with the best. So, here are some new anticipating updates WhatsApp is launching soon.


1. Fingerprint Unlock

Privacy is a priority of any user and in order to protect it and provide their customers with a secure and safe platform, Whatsapp is introducing End-to-End encryption feature. This means, your messages will be locked until unless you unlock it with your fingerprint. The feature will help you to save your data from outsiders. In addition to the fingerprint, you will also have to add a passcode or password (just in case your fingerprint doesn’t work!).

2. Dark Mode

Just like Youtube, Whatsapp is also planning to add a dark mode feature. This will allow the background to turn dark in colour, eliminating the strain from our eyes and giving you a better comfy view. Also, this will help your battery to last longer.


3. Sticker Research

If you often feel words are not enough to describe your feelings and you need the additional support of stickers or emojis, this feature is only for you. With its new update, Whatsapp will allow you to find a specific sticker just by typing the mood you have. Suppose you are sad, so just type the same and you’ll be flooded with stickers matching your emotions. Thus, you’ll no longer have to spend a lot of efforts and time searching that perfect sticker cause Voila!! Whatsapp is here to help.

4. Media Preview

What if you’ll be able to see all those images, gifs, videos, stickers and all other sorts of media in our notification bar? Wouldn’t it be great? Well, WhatsApp is all set with this anticipated feature in its’s new update.

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