13 Most Unexpected Symptoms Of Depression

In today’s time when everyone is running behind one thing or the other, having depression is very common. It is basically a ‘mood disorder’ which evidently affects one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours and their sense of well being too.
Here are some unexpected symptoms of depression which will help you identify whether you are going through a depressed phase or not.

symptoms of depression
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Gets Irritated Too Quickly

If you get triggered very easily unlike before in every small situation, they are surely fighting with depression inside. You feel like kicking and punching every second thing you see, have fights with almost everyone on the road while walking/driving, sounds familiar?
Having such a short-tempered behaviour is awful indeed and that’s what an unexpected symptom of depression is.
Although anger is not a major displayed action in a depressed mood it is often prevalent with depressed people.

Physical Pain

When someone is going through depression, he /she often complain about unwanted body pain. Depression not only affects the cognition part but also causes you physical pain such as joint pain, back pain, limb pain etc. All of these are high symptoms of depression and must be taken seriously if keeps on growing.

You Become An Introvert

When a person is going through a bad phase, the very first thing they do is stay away from the crowd. No matter how extrovert that person may be, if he/she is going through a bad phase or is depression they will try their best to stay alone, maybe at home.

symptoms of depression
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When you are into depression you often feel restless and want to stay all day long in your bed, just doing nothing. Restlessness is another symptom of depression which is unexpected. No matter how active child you are, if you are in a depressed mood, you won’t even feel like moving one of your fingers. You’ll try to skip the shower, waking up, going out to the gym and any other sort of activity which requires physical or mental movements.

You Just Can’t Feel Love

Depression eliminates the love emotion from you for life and you’ll end up getting irritated rather. It’s quite ironical that in depression all you want is love but when someone gives you that you just cannot feel it.

Sleeping Issues

Not able to sleep is another symptom of depression you will experience. Though you’ll feel restless and wants to stay all day long in the bed, you will end up waking whole night like owl thinking about more depressing things.
However, some sort of people will end up sleeping whole day and night, like for full 20-24 hours of sleep.

symptoms of depression
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Ignoring Friends

Depression makes you ignore everything, even your best of friends. You won’t feel like meeting anyone. Rather you’ll stay all alone in your room with shut doors, looking outside the window thinking even more depressing thoughts.

Change in Appetite

Depression heavily affects your eating habits. While some in depression will end up eating nothing for a whole day, you’ll find some other who will finish loads of tubes of ice-cream and packet of chips and other foodstuff in no time. Either you eat a lot or nothing; depression will change your appetite for sure. This is one of the most unexpected symptoms of depression.

Dark Playlist Music

When someone is going through a bad phase, their music list automatically shifts from EDM to Dark playlist. Sounding familiar right?
It’s habitual that when people are going through depression they find peace in dark music and surprisingly they feel it more relatable than anything else.

symptoms of depression
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Deciding Abilities

A person with depression will never be able to decide what is right and what is wrong. Even a small thing like what to eat in the afternoon will look like an exam fo him/her. This is because depression lowers down your cognitive process and you’ll end up getting confused in every damn situation.

Feeling Of Guilt

The next symptoms of depression are – it keeps you under an umbrella of guilt. You’ll start apologizing for small things and on unnecessary occasions. Depression makes you feel the culprit for everything, even for you past and you’ll end up cursing yourself for things which were not even you fault.

Alcohol Intake

At times of depression, you‘ll end up drinking a lot more alcohol than usual. Depression and Alcohol interplay each other. The worst and most unexpected symptoms of depression are the sudden increase in alcohol intake you’ll experience in your life.

symptoms of depression
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Change In Physical Weight

Lastly, you’ll see a major change in your weight during the time of depression. Either you’ll end up gaining too much or unwanted fat or will end up losing tons.

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