10 Amazing Life Hacks To Simplify Your Daily Life

Life Hacks make your life more simple and convenient. Not only they are productive in nature but also lower down the number of impractical efforts needed to complete the task. So, we have got you some amazing life hacks to help you survive in every situation in daily life.

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1. Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are just pain and if not given sufficient solution in right time, they can make your area look gross and messy to another level.

To sort this out just run the hot water for down the clogged drain. After 1 minute sprinkle a good cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup vinegar.  Wash one more time with boiling water and voila!! Everything is sorted.

Life hack
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2. Stinky Shoes

No matter how much precautions you follow, foul smell is like a best friend to your shoes. Though there are many reasons for the shoe to acquire stinking smell, washing is not always a possible solution. Then, what to do?

Just put some dry tea bags inside each of them and see the results. The bag helps you remove the stink by absorbing all the smell. At times when they are also wet, just put a mixture of baking soda and rice inside and leave there for a few hours.

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3. Finding Lost Items

If you are one of those for whom misplacing earrings, keys, pins is no new thing, then this hack is ‘the one’ for you. Just cover the end of your vacuum cleaner with socks or stocking and just begin with your searching process. You can also use pantyhose for the same. Also, keep checking the cleaner insufficient time to check if the object is already there.

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4. Remove Body Odor

OMG! Your guy is coming and you are out of deodorant? Now what?

Don’t worry we have a hack for this problem too. Just cut down a lemon or orange in half and rub it onto your body (Beware of the cuts and bruises). The citric nature of these fruits will remove the sticking smell and leave you with a refreshing and lovable smell.

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5.  Cleaning Overhead Showers and Bathroom Faucets

Cleaning bathroom accessories can be tiring but what if they can be sorted with a finger snap? Yes, you can easily clean them. Fill up a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it up on the overhead shower or bathroom faucet with a rubber band. Let it soak overnight and you are sorted.

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6. Ripening Of Banana

There is no limit to how beneficial fruits are but the way their ripe is a big problem. Especially bananas, they ripe so quick you barely get proper time to eat them in bought in loads. The lifehack is – Just wrap the banana stalk with film and keep them back in your fruit basket. This way the ripening process will slow down a lot more than usual.

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7. Save Your Buttons

Losing a button from a cloth piece, whether it is a shirt, t-shirt or even bottoms can spoil the whole outfit of yours. Though it is sometimes possible to replace them because of the extra buttons attached but what if you also don’t have them?

To protect your buttons from falling just pour a bit of transparent nail paint over it (over the threads) and protect them from falling down.

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8. Maximize The Alarm Sound

Imagine you have a very important event tomorrow and the volume of your alarm is in no mood to wake you up. Sounding familiar?

Just put the phone in a glass or bowl and the sound of the speakers will maximize to the next level. Try this life hack and sort your morning schedule.

Life hack
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9. Cap The Open Chips Packet

The chips packet is more than enough and you regret opening it all for yourself, well don’t worry we have a perfect life hack for you. Just cut a plastic bottle, 3 fingers down from the cap and fix it allowing the area of the packet to move out from the cap. Voila!! Your chips are now safe.

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10. Right Way To Eat Popsicle

Popsicles are just yummmm. Merely using the word leave you mouthwatering whole day. But when it comes to actually eat them, they can be equally messy. The melting drops tipping down to your finger can actually be gross and unhygienic, both.

So, next time you eat one just use a paper cup underneath your popsicle and protect your beautiful hands from getting dirty. This life hack will help you for sure.

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